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WGAN-TV Forum Podcast covers Matterport and related 3D/360 digital twin/virtual tour platforms, cameras, and third-party tools and solutions for real estate photographers and other content creators. Every Thursday at 5 pm ET, WGAN-TV Podcast (video) airs live (www.WGAN-TV.com) and by the following Wednesday, the the WGAN-TV Podcast and WGAN Forum Podcast are available free on Apple, Samsung, Google, Spotify, Amazon Music and other audio and video podcast apps. We Get Around Network (www.WeGetAroundNetwork.com) Founder and Managing Editor Dan Smigrod interviews industry thought-leaders and content creators to provide insights and training. (175+ one hour, live interview podcasts since August 2016). Unlike the WGAN-TV Podcast (video), the WGAN Forum Podcast (audio only) includes text-to-speech media releases from Matterport and related companies. The We Get Around Network Forum (www.WGANForum.com) knowledge base includes 94,000 Matterport and related posts among 16,000 topics, as of February 2023. The WGAN Forum is read monthly by nearly 20,000 unique visitors and has 8,500 registered members in 145 countries. Join the WGAN community and get connected to what matters to help you succeed faster. It is free to join the WGAN Forum (www.JoinWGAN.com) and instantly receive 50+ WGAN Membership benefits. Info for potential WGAN-TV Podcast guests: www.WGAN.INFO/guest | DanSmigrod@WeGetAroundNetwork.com

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23 hours ago

-- What are some of the possible uses of a Matterport digital twin of a baseball stadium?-- If you 'pitch' a baseball park, what are some of the ways that you might charge?-- What are some of the hardest things about scanning a baseball stadium?Find out the answers to these questions - and many more - on WGAN-TV Live at 5 on Thursday, March 30, 2023 when my guest will be Scan Your Space (a Division of Sparks Media Group) Founder and CEO Tom Sparks for the topic:✓ WGAN-TV | "What I Learned from Using a Matterport Pro3 Camera to Scan a Baseball Stadium"Here are some of the questions that I anticipate asking Tom during the show:1. What are possible use cases for scanning a baseball stadium?2. How would you charge a client to do this work (hourly, day rate, flat rate)?3. Aside from the Matterport Pro3 Camera, what supporting equipment did you have?4. What were some of the expected challenges you encountered?5. What were some of the unexpected challenges you encountered?6. Did you have any alignment issues, if so how did you overcome them?7. What was the easiest part of this job?8. What was the hardest part of this job?9. What was the feedback from the client about the work you turned in?

3 days ago

Saint-Hubert (Quebec), Thursday, March 30, 2023 - Urbanimmersive Inc. (“Urbanimmersive”, the “Company” or “UI”) (TSX VENTURE: UI) (OTCQB: UBMRF), a leading provider of 3D tour solutions, today announced having integrated ChatGPT, a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) technology, with their winning product UiMeet3D Avatar Greeting Bot available in all its 3D tours subscription.
UiMeet3D is Urbanimmersive's proprietary technology that enables viewers to engage in immersive, real-time interactions with other 3D avatars (other visitors) within 3D virtual tours.
Each 3D avatar, represented by the viewer's webcam video streaming, creates a captivating experience that transcends traditional 3D tour limitations, fostering dynamic communication and visual interactions among viewers.
UiMeet3D Avatar Greeting Bot on its part is an optional virtual host emulating another person avatar with the specific job of generating leads by greeting each visitor entering a 3D tour, performing simple tasks and chat prompts. Since its introduction in 2021, UiMeet3D and its Greeting Bot has proven to be an effective lead generation tool.
The integration of ChatGPT will now enable UiMeet3D Greeting Bot answering questions related to the environments limited to curated information selected by the clients.
Urbanimmersive's 3D tours come equipped with a wealth of information, including property descriptions, neighborhood details, and 2D floor plans. With the client's content permission, the UiMeet3D Greeting Bot can utilize this information to provide viewers with answers to a wide range of questions, such as the number of rooms, square footage, nearby schools and public transportation options, and agent services and experience.
Urbanimmersive media release continues in the WGAN Forum (www.WGANForum):

Saturday Mar 25, 2023

How can Matterport Service Providers (easily) do 1-on-1 networking by phone?
On WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm ET) on Thursday, 23 March 2023, my guest will be OWWLL Founder Jason Hill to show and tell us how:
WGAN-TV | How Virtual Tour Photographers can do 1:1 Networking by Phone Using the Owwll App
Owwll is a social networking platform that connects people instantly through private 1-on-1 audio calls. Whether it's a personal or business, build rich relationships by calling who you want, charging what you want, connecting when you want.
Join the fastest growing online community of professionals today and build strong connections!
How Owwll Works
1. Download the OWWLL App (iOS | Android) | (Referral Code: WGAN) is a mobile app. (Owwll gives you access to new networks and valuable contacts otherwise unreachable without a referral.)
2. Build Connections - Search through vetted professionals to connect with the people you are looking for! For example, search profiles: Atlanta REALTORS
3. Connect - Get in touch instantly in real-time on a private 1-on-1 audio call.
Chat with me on -- WGAN Founder and Managing Editor Dan Smigrod -- OWWLL during my weekly office hours: 5-6 pm ET Fridays!

Monday Mar 20, 2023

On WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm ET) on Thursday, 16 March 2023, my guests will be:1. SIMLAB Founder and CEO Marek Koźlak, PhD Eng.2. SIMLAB SIM-ON Product Owner Michał SzopaMarek and Michał will demo and discuss how to use the SIMLAB SIM-ON Facility Management (FM) platform with a task manager as a communication tool among:1. householders2. employees3. service providersWGAN-TV | Matterport + SIMLAB SIM-ON for Facilities Management, Maintenance and DesignDemo and Discussion Includes1. Tickets Task Manager for owners, stakeholders and service providers2. Mapping tickets in Matterport 3D space3. Photo and Video sharing for issue reporting4. Linking to assets and events timeline5. Virtual staging6. 3D model browser7. Layout manager8. Models Sets and Decoration9. Location and position tool10. E-commerce integration11. Product description tags and linking to online storesSIMLAB SIM-ON also includes a virtual staging and design module with an e-commerce integration.

Wednesday Mar 15, 2023

Matterport Expands Platform Integrations with Autodesk Construction Cloud to Transform Complex and Costly Site Review Processes For Construction SectorMatterport digital twins provide precise, photorealistic 3D views of job sites to reduce errors and speed the RFI process in Autodesk Construction CloudSUNNYVALE, California, Tuesday, March 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Matterport, Inc. (Nasdaq: MTTR), today announced a new integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud– a portfolio of software and services that combines advanced technology, a builders network and predictive insights for construction teams –making it easier for project teams using Matterport and Autodesk Build ® to collaborate within critical project management workflows. This new integration allows project stakeholders to enhance the “Request for Information” (RFI) process in Autodesk Build, moving from traditional methods of communication to immersive digital twin technology, powered by Matterport.Construction projects involve hundreds of stakeholders, many of whom rely on documents and images to coordinate the construction lifecycle from design to to operations. While project management tools can ease the burden of organizing various materials, the current process of relying on complex 2D and 3D files often results in project inaccuracies or misunderstandings between stakeholders, leading to rework or costly delays.To address information gaps on a project, construction professionals submit an RFI. The typical RFI process involves queries by construction and design teams. Teams label issues directly onto the documents or images, with each project stakeholder responsible for updating the documentation with new information to clarify incomplete data or references.This process can be tedious and time-consuming, as documentation typically spans multiple formats that constantly evolve as stakeholders weigh in, making it difficult for teams to track the latest information. According to a Navigant Construction Forum survey, the average construction project will result in more than 800 RFIs, averaging more than 50 RFI’s submitted per week. Each request consumes an average of eight hours of administrative labor to receive, log, review and respond to the RFI1. Inaccurate or incomplete documentation is responsible for an estimated 48% of the rework that occurs in the construction industry in the United States, according to the research paper, Construction Disconnected, conducted by Thomas et al., 2018(2).
(Matterport media release continues in the We Get Around Network Forum (www.WGANForum.com).

Friday Mar 10, 2023

Do you want to add collaboration and communication within Matterport tours and 3D Models at scale?For the first half of WGAN-TV Live at 5, the show is for decision makers and product managers interested in how to add value to Matterport and other 3D models. The WGAN-TV audience members are particularly interested in what features can easily be integrated and add huge value to their digital twins without having to build these features from scratch.For the second half of WGAN-TV Live at 5, the show is for CTOs and programmers that have been asked to evaluate how much tech resources will be needed to add these features to their Matterport tours and other 3D models. Techs want to know what is included in the SuperViz SDK and related resources.Stay-tuned!On WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm ET) on Thursday, 9 March 2023, my guests are:1. SuperViz Co-Founder and CEO Russ Rive and2. SuperViz Vice President of Engineering Tommy LindestrømWGAN-TV | Leverage the SuperViz SDK for Matterport and 3D Models to Super-Charge CollaborationRuss and Tommy will do a deep-dive in to the SuperViz SDK, including:1. SuperViz features that can be added to Matterport tours and 3D Models2. SuperViz SDK demoSuperViz SDK in Brief1. The SuperViz SDK turns any 3D or digital twin web application into an immersive experience for guided tours, interactive presentations and real-time collaboration.2. Ready-to-go plugins for Matterport and three.js make it easy to integrate with just a few lines of code. The SuperViz SDK transforms single-user experiences into multi-user, including full video conferencing functionality, support for avatars, shared mouse positions and a powerful sync engine.3. SuperViz helps bring people together with a sense of presence whether they work with 3D models, reality capture, digital twins, 360º imagery or any other spatial content.According to SuperVizThe SuperViz SDK release opens access for anyone with a web viewer in their platform to add immersive collaborative experiences to Matterport or other digital twin 3D Models web applications.Easily transform single-user experiences into multi-user, including:1. Immersive Meetings: Full-function video conferencing layer for up to 16 participants, including chat, grid view and screen share. (face-to-face synchronous collaboration, full video conferencing functionality, Guided Tours)2. Broadcast: Broadcast mode for up to 230 people. With this mode you can allow audience participants to follow live meetings with chat access.3. Avatars: Flexible avatar support for glb and GLTF models. Add your own models for meeting participants. (interactive among users)4. Real-Time Data Properties: Add an extra layer of collaboration by synchronizing your app properties in real-time between meeting participants using a powerful sync engine including: 3D models, 2D content, States, Selections, Objects and anything else needed (shared mouse positions)5. Dashboard: Developer dashboard with detailed usage statistics and management.6. 3D Viewer Plugins: Automatic Multiplayer enabled integration with avatars, pointers and controls directly inside your favorite 3D viewer.The SuperViz Matterport and Three.js plugins make it quick and easy to integrate.“The biggest request we got from our own web app customers was for us to make the concept work as an embedded feature inside other platforms,” shares Russ Rive, SuperViz CEO and Co-Founder.“It turns out the idea of immersive collaboration in 3D space is a very distributed problem, and so we developed the SuperViz SDK as a way to solve that need," says Rive.“With options like SuperViz, the whole visualization engine is loaded natively inside of everyone’s location. So each person is loading and rendering their own version of the browser of the 3D space, leading to perfect quality. It’s a huge jump in the quality of the experience and the quality of the visual,” says Rive.Designed to save development time and resources, it's easy to begin building with the Superviz SDK.Utilizing real-time synchronization means customers can access more efficient collaboration workflows while staying on your platform, eliminating slow-downs and poor performance:1. Screen share from a video conference sends only one point of view. There’s no sense of the other person being with you.2. Inferior image quality is frequent with screen sharing. Resolution is low and you get pixelation, especially if anyone has a choppy internet connection.3. The need to screen share is an extra step that leads to customers juggling multiple tools. Syncing in real time provides a streamlined solution in a single platform.“What’s really exciting about this is that it’s more than just adding collaboration. It sounds sci-fi, but you’re building a virtual teleportation machine. Your web app becomes a space, a location, a place where people go and hang out, where they discuss projects as if they were there together,” Rive says.The SuperViz SDK pricing structure provides maximum freedom and flexibility during product build-out and testing. The free SuperViz Starter Plan includes 1,000 monthly participant minutes.

Thursday Mar 02, 2023

If you are a Matterport Service Provider that owns a Matterport Pro3 Camera - or is planning to buy one - and you are interested in scanning for Architects, Engineers and Construction (AEC) professionals, this WGAN-TV Live at 5 show will help you understand if/when you can use the Matterport Pro3 Camera for:1. Outdoor Elevations2. As-Builts3. E57 Files4. Matterport MatterPaks5. Accuracy of Measurement6. Large commercial spaces7. Land for saleMy subject matter expert guest on this WGAN-TV Live at 5 show 5 pm ET Thursday, 2 March 2023 is Robotic Imaging Chief Operations Officer Will Buzan:✓ WGAN-TV | MSPs: Understanding Level of Detail (LOD) Meets Matterport Pro3 CameraPotential AEC clients may ask you about Level of Detail (LOD) when doing scans. And, these terms have precise meaning.Will will help us understand Level of Detail, including showing examples.1. Matterport point cloud vs. Leica RTC360 point cloud2. LOD meaning and interpretation for AEC - demo various level of detail3. no legal verbiage or disclaimer for MSPs4. What MSPs should be super-careful about?5. When/how MSPs might partner with Robotic Imaging6. What jobs in the AEC space can MSPs do with a Matterport Pro3 Camera?Two related WGAN-TV shows (videos below):1. WGAN-TV Transcript: Matterport MatterPak and E57 File: Pro3 vs. Pro2/BLK3602. WGAN-TV Transcript: | Matterport + Leica BLK360: 20 Questions (and Answers)What questions should I ask Will about LOD and Matterport Pro3 Camera on this WGAN-TV show?Best,DanAbout Robotic Imagining (from the Robotic Imaging website)What is Robotic Imaging?Our team consists of reality capture technicians throughout the world digitizing the future of industrial, commercial and residential real estate. Robotic Imaging digitizes the world with high definition laser scanners and reality models online. Architects, Engineers, Construction, Developers and project stakeholders work with our data to accelerate real estate development and portfolio scalability.How does Robotic Imaging work?Request and scan and we will deploy Robotic Imaging on your site. LiDAR, Drones, BIM and VR are foundational for our applications.How much does Robotic Imaging cost?The more accurate to reality, the more time and cost. Our high definition laser scanning can collect LiDAR and colorized RGB values at a variety of densities specific to your project. Reach out for a quote: capture@roboimg.comWhere and When is Robotic Imaging available?When your property is accessible, scanning can occur 24/7, on weekends, outside hours of operation and/or under specific certifications or procedures.How did Robotic Imaging start?Founded in Philadelphia by Real Estate Developers and Programmers. Reach out and connect with us: info@roboimg.comRobotic Imaging Links1. Robotic Imaging Website2. Mike Chawaga LinkedIn Profile3. Robotic Imaging Facebook Page4. Robotic Imaging YouTube Channel5. Robotic Imaging on Twitter: @RoboticImaging6. Robotic Imaging on Instagram: roboticimaging7. Contact Mike Chawaga: capture@roboimg.com

Tuesday Feb 28, 2023

On WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm ET) on Tuesday, 28 February 2023:WGAN-TV: Tom Sparks (Sparks Media Group): "I Paid $299 for a Matterport Digital Pro Package for a Real Estate Listing: What Every Matterport Service Provider Should Know"To help you decide if Matterport Digital Pro is a threat to Matterport Service Providers (or an opportunity or no impact at all), I reached out to Scan Your Space (a Division of Sparks Media Group) Founder and CEO Tom Sparks offering for We Get Around Network to pay a Matterport Digital Pro package ($299) in exchange for Tom documenting the experience for the WGAN Forum community (and publishing the digital assets in the WGAN Forum).I could imagine understanding the Matterport Digital Pro experience -- from an actual shoot -- would provide insight regarding if Matterport Digital Pro services powered by VHT Studios (a division of Matterport) is a threat or opportunity.BackstoryEight months after Matterport announced it acquired VHT Studios (7 July 2022), Matterport launched its Matterport Digital Pro "all-in-one" solution for real estate agents powered by VHT Studios.Matterport Digital Pro offers the following package for $299 (with optional add ons):1. Matterport Tour2. 25+ Photos3. Schematic Floor Plan (B&W)4. Teaser VideoI could imagine that $299 is less than what the majority of Matterport Service Providers charge for (what might sound like) a similar package.When Matterport made this announcement on Wednesday, 15 February 2023, two different WGAN Forum discussions were started about, is Matterport Digital Pro a competitor to Matterport Service Providers? Specifically:1. Matterport Digital Pro - your direct competition2. Video: Matterport launches all in one solution, should you be worried?Tom is uniquely qualified since he has documented shooting the same house with five Matterport capture solutions:1. Matterport Pro3 Camera2. Matterport Pro2 Camera3. Matterport AXIS Kit [Motorized Mount (smartphone rotator)]4. Ricoh THETA Z15. Insta360 One RS 1"How about the same house done with Matterport Digital Pro Package to be able to compare apples-to-apples, I asked Tom.Among the questions that I will ask Tom on WGAN-TV Live at 5 are:1. What was the Matterport Digital Pro ordering experience like?2. How long from ordering until the photographer showed up and how long to deliver the assets?3. What was the Matterport Digital Pro scanning experience like (including which camera)?4. What's the deliverable process like?5. Your thoughts about how Matterport Digital Pro compares with a MSP (like you) shooting with a Pro2 or Pro3?6. How does the job delivered by Matterport Digital Pro Package compare to your services?7. Will you outsource large Matterport scans to Matterport Digital Pro since they say same price regardless of SQFT?7. Other thoughts?

Monday Feb 27, 2023

Matterport Missing Two Mobile Mapping Scanning Solutions in the AEC SpaceCommentary and Analysis byDan SmigrodFounder and Managing EditorWe Get Around Network Forum and WGAN-TV PodcastWhile the Matterport Pro3 Camera scans faster than a Matterport Pro2 Camera and Leica BLK360 scanner, Matterport still needs to add two mobile mapping solutions in the AEC Space.For example, at Geo Week 2023 in Denver earlier this month, at least two mobile mapping scanning solutions were displayed in the the Geo Week expo space that Matterport is missing:1. Cupix Mobile Mapping Solution - Cupix uses an Insta360 ONE X2 360 camera - to create a video where the camera captures every two seconds paired with videogrammetry to create a 3D model.2. NavVis VLX 2nd Generation Mobile Solution - The NavVis VLX 2nd generation captures both LiDAR scan data and 360 photography to create a 3D model.The single largest expense in scanning is labor. I could imagine that these two mobile mapping solutions (above) can capture a space 20 times faster (than moving a tripod from point-to-point (even with a dolly).Scanning 20 times faster enables:1. Daily, weekly or monthly construction documentation2. Super-large spaces such as a shopping center (including the parking lot)3. More AEC scanning opportunitiesBecause Matterport is building out its platform for many verticals, in multiple countries and in multiple languages, my impression is that it innovates slower than other scanning solutions.In the AEC space, Matterport is competing with companies that are solely focused on the AEC space and, thus, can innovate faster when focused on only one vertical.If you are a Matterport Service Provider thinking that you like getting paid at the pace that you presently scan, I could imagine that competing solutions -- that take one-twentieth of the time to scan -- will make you irrelevant.To "catch up" in the AEC space, Matterport needs to either:1. Develop a low and high-end mobile mapping scanning solution2. Acquire companies that already offer mobile mapping scanning solutions3. Be acquired by a company that can "roll-up" competitive companies4. License mobile mapping scanning solutions5. Partner with mobile mapping scanning solutions to integrate Matterport as a "publish to" solutionWhat are your thoughts about Matterport and mobile mapping solutions?
Join the WGAN Forum discussion (www.WGANForum.com) here:

Thursday Feb 23, 2023

► Small ($219.99) | WGAN.INFO/MPPro3WGAN1 (Master D2011-7 Case) (wheels)► Medium ($194.99) | WGAN.INFO/MPPro3WGAN2 (Expert D1913-7 Case) (no wheels)► Large ($264.99) | WGAN.INFO/MPPro3WGAN3 (Maestro D2116-7 Case) (wheels, more storage)
Are you searching for a Matterport Pro3 Camera hard case that ...1. ... is much-much-better than the hard case Matterport offers ($199.99) for the Matterport Pro3 Camera?2. ... has protection - from drops and vibration for an Apple iPad?3. ... has has precision cut polyethylene foam for the Pro3, Pro3 Batteries and iPad?4. ... has has precision cut polyethylene foam (that I can modify for my specific needs)?5. ... is a better value?6. ... is a better price?7. ... has an upgrade option to include wheels?8. ... has no Matterport logo on the case?9. ... conveniently holds three (3) Matterport Pro3 Camera batteries?10. ... has a large, secure compartment for Pro3's: charging kit; tripod mount; cables; door stops (and more)?11. ... has had the input of WGAN Founder Dan Smigrod (into the engineering and design)?On WGAN-TV Live at 5 on Thursday, 23 February 2023 will be MyCaseBuilder Engineering Manager Hugh Conway for show and tell:WGAN-TV | Three Hard Cases for Matterport Pro3 Camera (and How to Customize Foam) and How to Customize FoamTopics Include1. Why MyCaseBuilder cases are better versus Matterport's case, including a discussion of:► Small ($219.99) | WGAN.INFO/MPPro3WGAN1 (Master D2011-7 Case) (wheels)► Medium ($194.99) | WGAN.INFO/MPPro3WGAN2 (Expert D1913-7 Case) (no wheels)► Large ($244.99) | WGAN.INFO/MPPro3WGAN3 (Maestro D2116-7 Case) (wheels, more storage)2. accommodating various size iPads (with cases) and Android tablets3. two MyCaseBuilder options for a case with wheels for the Matterport Pro3 Camera, iPad and accessories5. Summary: why the MyCaseBuilder hard cases are better; why the MyCaseBuilder foam is better; and why the why the MyCaseBuilder hard cases are a better value.In addition to showing the MyCaseBuilder cases for the Matterport Pro3 Camera, Hugh will show how to customize the foam for your specific needs.Questions that I should ask MyCaseBuilder Engineering Manager Hugh Conway during this WGAN-TV Live at 5 show?Special Offer for We Get Around Network Forum Members► Free! 12-Months WGAN-TV Training U (in Matterport) with when you use one of these WGAN affiliate links to purchase your hard case:► Small ($219.99) | WGAN.INFO/MPPro3WGAN1 (Master D2011-7 Case) (wheels)► Medium ($194.99) | WGAN.INFO/MPPro3WGAN2 (Expert D1913-7 Case) (no wheels)► Large ($264.99) | WGAN.INFO/MPPro3WGAN3 (Maestro D2116-7 Case) (wheels, more storage)Email MyCaseBuilder receipt to: DanSmigrod@WeGetAroundNetwork.com► WGAN Forum discussions tagged: MyCaseBuilder | Pro3

Wednesday Feb 22, 2023

Matterport Announces Record Fourth Quarter And Full Year 2022 Financial Results
Q4 total revenue rose to a record $41.1 million, above Company guidance
Q4 subscription revenue rose to a record $19.3 million, above Company guidance
Q4 product revenue rose to a record $13.6 million, up 51% sequentially from the prior quarter
Q4 GAAP loss per share of $0.21 and Non-GAAP loss per share of $0.09, at the high end of the Company’s guidance range
2022 annual revenue rose to a record $136.1 million, up 22% from 2021
Balance sheet remains strong with $477 million in cash and investments and no debt
SUNNYVALE, California, Wednesday, February. 22, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Matterport, Inc. (Nasdaq: MTTR) (“Matterport” or the “Company”), the leading spatial data company driving the digital transformation of the built world, today announced record financial results for the quarter and year ended December 31, 2022.
“We delivered record revenue again in the fourth quarter, as our subscriber base continued to grow and our spaces under management exceeded 9 million,” said RJ Pittman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Matterport. “Enterprise demand remains robust as customers across many verticals, such as manufacturing, AEC, and travel and hospitality, are increasingly turning to Matterport’s digital twins for remote facilities management, saving companies measurable travel time and money while boosting productivity. As our digital twin platform ecosystem continues to grow, customers investing in our powerful add-ons will gain more insights and value from their facilities, storefronts, real estate, and office spaces.“
“Our record total revenue for the fourth quarter and year, combined with the actions we have taken to control costs, are yielding significant benefits to our bottom line,” said JD Fay, Chief Financial Officer of Matterport. “Subscription revenue reached $19.3 million, a new record, and we demonstrated broad-based adoption of our solution with subscribers exceeding the 700,000 milestone. At the same time, our disciplined approach to managing operating expenses enabled us to deliver a non-GAAP loss per share of $0.09 in the fourth quarter, at the high-end of our guidance range. I believe the momentum we saw in the second half of 2022 is carrying through to 2023 and sets the stage for another record-breaking year.”
Fourth Quarter Financial Highlights
Total subscribers increased to 701,000, up 39% year-over-year
Spaces Under Management (SUM) increased to 9.2 million, up 37% year-over-year
Total revenue was $41.1 million, up 52% year-over-year
Subscription revenue was $19.3 million, up 17% year-over-year
Product revenue was $13.6 million, up 107% year-over-year
Services revenue was $8.3 million, up 122% year-over-year
Annualized Recurring Revenue (ARR) exiting the fourth quarter was $77.2 million
Non-GAAP net loss was $0.09 per share
Matterport media release continues in the We Get Around Network Forum (www.WGANForum.com)

Wednesday Feb 15, 2023

Matterport Launches Digital Pro to Reinvent Real Estate Marketing with New All-in-One SolutionNew offering helps real estate agents win listings and sell homes faster by creating an immersive 3D tour, HDR photos, and detailed floor plans for a low, flat rateSUNNYVALE, California, Wednesday, February 15, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Matterport, Inc. (Nasdaq: MTTR), today announced Digital Pro, an all-in-one marketing solution for real estate agents, available now in the United States.Digital Pro combines the innovation of Matterport’s 3D digital twin technology with integrated marketing and content production services to create the industry’s most affordable, comprehensive marketing package to help real estate professionals win more listings and sell homes faster.With a single appointment, Matterport will produce professional-grade HDR photos, a 2D floor plan, 3D tour, and a preview video for customers, all delivered within 1-2 business days at a low flat rate.According to a recent trends report by the National Association of REALTORS® Research Group, 67% percent of home buyers consider floor plans useful in a listing. (1) Another poll found 89% consider 3D Virtual Tours as important to the buying process.(2)With Digital Pro, real estate professionals can produce all of the media assets needed to market, sell and promote their properties through a single partner. By offering a full suite of visual marketing tools in a simple package, agents can focus more on winning listings and selling homes faster, raising the bar for what buyers and sellers can expect from a home listing.
Matterport media release continues in the We Get Around Network Forum (www.WGANForum.com) here:

Wednesday Feb 15, 2023

Matterport to Add Super-Powerful Search/Navigation Features Powered by AI/ML/ARCommentary byDan SmigrodFounder and Managing EditorWe Get Around Network Forum and WGAN-TV PodcastMatterport will upgrade Matterport Showcase player to include native wayfinding and search powered by machine learning, according to a rumor at Geo Week in Denver Tuesday (14 February 2023).By the end of 2Q23, I anticipate that Matterport will launch a drop down search bar in Matterport Showcase player that lists items and locations identified in the space by machine learning and then - via an augmented reality wayfinding experience - enable the viewer to "walk" from their existing destination to the dropdown menu selection location.Initially, the items and spaces identified will focus on real estate spaces and by the end of 2023 include spaces that are unique to the AEC (Architects, Engineers and Construction) related spaces.The introduction of these super-powerful search and navigation features will add huge value to Matterport and help Matterport differentiate its platform from 200 other 3D/360 virtual tour platforms/software.For clarification, as of today (15 February 2023), Matterport has not announced the additions of native wayfinding and pull down menu search via a pre-define list of objects or spaces identified by AI powered by a machine learning training set.
Commentary continues in the We Get Around Network Forum (www.WGANForum.com) here:

Saturday Feb 11, 2023

On WGAN-TV Live at 5 on Thursday, 9 February 2023, my Guest will be Boone, NC-based Premier Images Founder and President Douglas Meyers showing and telling us about:=> WGAN-TV Live at 5 | "How I Shot Two Cruise Ships with a Matterport Pro3 Camera in 9 Days"Discussion Includes1. Show and Tell about shooting two cruise ships with a Matterport Pro3 Camera2. Scanning Workflow3. Post Production Workflow4. How the client plans to use these tours4. Douglas' thoughts about the Matterport Pro3 Camera5. Any challenges scanning cruise ships?6. Interesting things about scanning cruise ships7. What Douglas will do differently scanning the next cruise ship8. Other thoughts about scanning cruise ships?Additionally, I will ask Douglas about his "previous life" in entertainment:1. Bizarro" on the TV show Superboy2. Mr. Silver The Robotic Performer (45 TV shows and 15 Movies)3. Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. (RCCL) Cruise Director (February 1980 o July 1985)Questions that I should ask Douglas Meyers during WGAN-TV Live at 5?Best,DanLinksWGAN Forum: @DouglasMeyersWebsite: Premier ImagesLinkedIn: Douglas MeyersYouTube: Premier ImagesFacebook: Premier Images LLCEmail: douglas@premierimages.bizCoverage area: Linville, NC; Blowing Rock, NC; Hickory, NC; West Jefferson, NC; Lenoir, NC; Boone, NC; · Wilkesboro, NC; Banner Elk, NC; and North Wilkesboro, NCAbout Premier Images and Douglas Meyers (Source: LinkedIn)Premier Images is your number one Matterport 3D Virtual Tour service provider and Real Estate HDR photographer. We are the area's first and most experienced Matterport service provider in the area.I am Douglas Meyers and am happy to help you get this new technology for your listing up and on a 3D platform. As a FAA Drone pilot I shoot video and photos from high above the ground.We travel the World helping companies realize their 3D Virtual Tours and photographic needs. These tours are the future of digital information in today's new 3D Virtual World. We are FAA Drone Licensed and fully insured. Services also include: HDR Photography, 360 Photos / videos. We are a Zillow Preferred Photographer and a Google Street View Photographer.I was an International performer for almost 40 years. Mr. Silver was a robotic, magic performer that toured around the World from Conventions, TV shows and even Big films like "Iron Man 3".I became the youngest Cruise Director in the World at 23 yrs in 1983 and learned how the World and Cruise Industry worked. This was my college and I loved every minute of it and now I get to shoot these beautiful ships in 3D.

Thursday Feb 02, 2023

www.WGAN.INFO/SparksMediaGroup (Matterport tour examples)
If you are thinking about getting started creating Matterport digital twins, you have many 3D/360 camera options (list below): (list of officially supported 3D/360 cameras as of 23 January 2023.)1. Matterport Pro3 Camera2. Matterport Pro3 Camera Acceleration Kit3. Matterport Pro2 Camera4. Matterport AXIS Kit [Motorized Mount (smartphone rotator)]5. Ricoh THETA Z1 / Ricoh THETA Z1 51GB6. Ricoh THETA X (likely to be officially supported soon by Matterport)7. Ricoh THETA SC28. Ricoh Theta V9. Insta360 ONE [replaced by Insta360 ONE X2]10. Insta360 ONE X211. Insta360 X3 (likely to be officially supported soon by Matterport)12. Insta360 One R - Dual Lens Twin Edition13. Insta360 One RS 1"14. Leica BLK360 (1st generation) [I predict Matterport will NOT support Leica BLK360 2nd generation]Which 3D/360 camera(s) should you buy (and why)?On WGAN-TV Live at 5 on Thursday, 2 February 2023, Scan Your Space (a Division of Sparks Media Group) Founder and CEO Tom Sparks will be my guest to help answer these questions:=> WGAN-TV | Tom Sparks (Sparks Media Group): When and Why I use a Matterport Pro2 or Pro3 Camera, Matterport AXIS Rotator, Ricoh THETA Z1 or Leica BLK360 (1st Generation) to Create Matterport ToursWhat questions should I ask Tom Sparks on this WGAN-TV Live at 5 show about 3D/360 cameras?Best,DanP.S. Scan Your Space (a Division of Sparks Media Group) Founder and CEO Tom Sparks was previously my guest on this WGAN-TV Live at 5 show.

Sunday Jan 22, 2023

It's now easy, fast and affordable to get real-time sales leads and real-time insights with Matterport tours powered by ZUANT.On WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm ET) on Thursday, 19 January 2023, my guests will be:1. ZUANT Chief Executive Officer Peter Gillett and2. ZUANT Chief Technology Officer Dave HicksonPeter and Dave will demo and discuss on the show:✓ WGAN-TV | Real-Time Sales Lead Generation & Real-Time Insights for Matterport Tours powered by ZUANTDemo and Discussion Topics Include✓ Intro to ZUANT3D - getting the full value from the Matterport tour experience✓ Monitor visitor activity -- Zuant 3D supports detailed visitor tracking. A full matrix of visitor interactions can be downloaded, or pushed through to your CRM of choice. High-quality sales leads can be delivered direct to your inbox.✓ Pain Points (solved)✓ CRM/Marketing Automation Integration
✓ Live Guided Chat (within Matterport tours)✓ Virtual Trade Shows - Zuant3D can have a reception desk just like a real live show, so new visitors can be welcomed in to browse on their own or have a guided tour with someone from the sales team to get in to the detail.---Free Zuant Offer✓ Up to 20 Experiences (Matterport tours)✓ Visitor Activity Tracking✓ Lead Generation✓ Email Notification---Here is an example of Sales Lead Generation Form in a Matterport Tour powered by ZUANT3D.com ...=> Example of Lead Generation Form in a Matterport Tour powered by ZUANT3D.com---Questions that I should ask Peter and Dave on WGAN-TV Live at 5?Happy New Year,DanZuant Contact InfoWebsite: www.ZUANT.comLanding Page: www.ZUANT3D.comBook a Demo: Contact UsEmail: sales@zuant.com | info@zuant.comPhone: 866-616-4958WGAN Forum: @petergillett

Saturday Jan 14, 2023

Virtual Tour Pro Course Creator and Virtual Tour Mentor Ben Claremont will be my guest on WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm ET) on Thursday, 12 January 2023 for:✓ WGAN-TV | Best 360 Virtual Tour Cameras for Real Estate Photographers in 2023Topics for the Show1. Best 360 cameras for: 360 Photos and 360 Videos2. Best 360 cameras for: Virtual Tours (entry level)3. Best 360 cameras for: Virtual Tours (highest quality: next level up)4. Best 360 cameras for: Google Street View5. Best 360 cameras for Matterport6. 360 cameras versus Matterport Pro2/Pro3 Cameras for Matterport (for Virtual Tours)Two Special Offers1. Save 15 percent on Virtual Tour Pro course or Virtual Tour Pro Premium course when you use this WGAN affiliate link and the coupon code: WGANVTP2: Receive Free! 12 Months WGAN-TV Training U (in Matterport) when you do the above AND email your receipt to: DanSmigrod@WeGetAroundNetwork.com (no credit card required for WGAN-TV Training U (in Matterport) free offer.[Virtual Tour Course Premium includes Photo and Video Business Bootcamp course].(If you are just getting started with virtual tours, I recommend Virtual Tour Pro course and Virtual Tour Pro Premium course to help you succeed faster.(I wish Ben's courses were available when I get started with virtual tours.)

Thursday Jan 05, 2023

✓ Do you want to add (easy) extra monthly revenue?✓ Wondering how do you add listing videos to your visual marketing services without learning how to edit video?✓ How do you shoot real estate listing video clips without investing a ton of time (or buying additional gear)?Watch WGAN-TV Live at 5 on Thursday, 5 January 2023:✓ How Matterport Service Providers can Add Extra Monthly Revenue with Real Estate Video ServicesMy guest, MVLmedia Director of Sales and New Accounts Andrew Lampman, will show and tell us how, including:1. how to shoot real estate listing video clips2. how to create stunning real estate listing videos via MVLmedia for $57 (1-5 minutes finished videos)3. how to submit your MVLmedia video editing order4. MVLmedia video editing services:-- Remove Camera Shake (depending on footage sent)-- Aerial footage editing-- Address intro included-- Royalty free music track-- Sync video music-- Logo watermarks-- Color correction-- Dynamic video transitions-- Add sub-titles (up to 3-clips free)"The MVLmedia platform was created to save you time, provide professional editing services, increase your monthly revenue and get more clients. Join now and watch your business grow," says Andrew. "Our entire platform was designed with real estate photographers in mind.""I went from shooting no videos to shooting 5 a day in less than a year (and now have three full-time photographers," says Andrew. "I added over $10,000 extra revenue every month by adding real estate videos to my services and I had no knowledge at all on how to shoot the videos or how to edit them.""I will show you how to shoot real estate video just like myself and my photographers do, and give you access to the exact same platform and editing service I use, and you too can add between $5,000 and $10,000 extra profit or more every month," says Andrew.About Andrew Lampman-- I've owned a Real Estate Photography business for over 12 years.A few years back, when HDR photo and Cinematic Video Walk-throughs became popular with Realtors, I began to lose clients to local photographers because they were able to offer better services to my clients. I didn't have the skills to compete, nor the desire to shoot all day and edit photos and videos all night.Around this time, Greg, the owner of MyVisualListings contacted me. He informed me that they would be launching an in-house video and photo editing service. I knew that I needed to add quality real estate videos to our services, in order to be a front-runner in the industry. I began looking into updating my skills so that I could train my photographers to go out and shoot professional videos that would sell.1. I now offer the Highest Quality Photography in my area.2. All of my Media is presented on a beautiful Single Property Website.3. Our Real Estate videos have taken our area by storm.4, We have gained back our clientele and in addition, I get 10+ calls from new Realtors every month.5. The Custom Agent Outros MVL offers have given my clients the edge they need to stand out in a crowded market.6. I was able to add even more services to my portfolio because of MVL Media.7. I've also gained back valuable time with my family and increased my profits.8. We Now Shoot 2-5 Videos A Day & Earn Over $10,000 Extra Profit Every Month!

Thursday Dec 22, 2022

If you want to succeed faster scanning with your Matterport Pro3 Camera, watch WGAN-TV Live at 5 on Thursday, 22 December 2022 at 5 pm ET:✓ WGAN-TV Live at 5 | 10 Pro Tips for Scanning with the Matterport Pro3 CameraMy guest is: Scan Your Space (a Division of Sparks Media Group) Founder and CEO Tom Sparks | Episode: 170 | Thursday, 22 December 2022 | www.ScanYourSpace.comI invited Tom to be my guest on this WGAN-TV Live at 5 show after watching his Matterport Pro3 Camera video:✓ Matterport Pro3 first impression on Mare Island in Vallejo, CATom is based in Suisun City, California (halfway between San Francisco and Sacramento).Among the questions that I will ask Tom Sparks (@ScanYourSpace) on WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm ET) today, Thursday (22 December 2022) are:1. How long does the Matterport Pro3 Battery last (and when/why would you need a 2nd or 3rd battery).2. Has the Matterport Pro3 Camera Tripod Mount needed tightening with a HEX 3mm tool?3. How long can the distance be between scans?4. Any extra gear that you carry with his Pro3 (that is different from Pro2)?5. Your thoughts about scanning in bright sun with the Pro3? (Any issues?)6. Your thoughts about the Matterport Pro3 Camera Tripod versus your other tripods?7. Any issues with scanning with the Pro3 with windows that separate an office?8. How hard to train a teammate to use the Pro3 versus using a Pro2?9. What does the dollhouse look like when you scan with a Pro3?10. How do you keep the Pro3 camera clean? (LiDAR element?)Happy holidays,DanLinks✓ www.ScanYourSpace.com | www.SparksMediaGroup.com✓ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sparks-media-group/✓ YouTube Channel Sparks Media Group✓ Email: info@scanyourspace.com✓ Facebook: Sparks Media Group✓ Instagram: sparksmediagroup✓ Yelp: Sparks Media Group✓ WGAN Forum: @ScanYourSpace

Tuesday Dec 13, 2022

The following article first appeared on the Robotic Imaging Blog on 18 March 2022. It is reprinted with the permission of Robotic Imaging.Robotic Imaging: LODs in BIM ExplainedWhat is LOD?LOD or Level of Development is a defined industry standard that helps project leaders, architects, engineers, and other project leaders describe the state and completion of different design phases. Essentially, it is a standardized way of understanding what information the BIM model should have during the completion of each phase of a project.The levels, as created by the American Institute of Architects, include:1. LOD 100: Concept Design2. LOD 200: Approximate Geometry3. LOD 300: Precise Geometry4. LOD 350: Greater Detail and Construction Documentation5. LOD 400: Fabrication and Assembly6. LOD 500: As-Built ModelLevel of Development vs. Level of DetailBoth Level of Development and Level of Detail use the abbreviation LOD, but both mean different things. Level of Development shows the level of thought put into a project’s geometry, specifications and other information. It also shows the levels of dependence team members currently have on the information in the model. On the other hand, the Level of Detail is how much of that data is currently within the model element.Essentially, the Level of Development is the reliability of the output, and the Level of Detail is the comprehensiveness of the input of information.Suggested reading: If you want to learn more about BIM terminology, check out: Robotic Imaging BlogLevels of DevelopmentThe American Institute of Architects created LOD in 2009 to set universal design expectations. Universal expectations are necessary, so collaborators understand the level of detail needed to move on to the project’s next phase.There are 6 different Levels of Development, as defined by the American Institute of Architects. They are:LOD 100: Concept DesignAt LOD 100, the project, deliverable, or element model still consists of 2D properties. This is the most basic of all development levels. Sometimes, LOD 100 consists of a handmade sketch. However, it is ideal to keep in mind that data will have to be transferred to a BIM design tool in the future.
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Tuesday Dec 13, 2022

Portland, Maine, USA – Tuesday, December 13, 2022 - Organizers of Geo Week, the premier event that champions the coming together of geospatial technologies and the built world, have announced five strategic partnerships established for the 2023 event.As part of this collaboration, the following will actively participate in Geo Week, taking place February 13-15, 2023, in Denver, Colorado, USA:1. ASPRS (American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing)2. ISPRS (International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing)3. MAPPS (Management Association for Private Photogrammetric Surveyors)4. USIBD (United States Institute for Building Documentation), and5. WGIC (The World Geospatial Industry Council)“We’re honored that these esteemed organizations have chosen to partner with Geo Week,” said Lee Corkhill, Geo Week Event Director. “From collaborating on key conference content and providing exclusive training, to showcasing the technical capabilities of our vendors, these partnerships strengthen and advance the geospatial and built world communities by providing additional expertise and industry advocacy to the event.”ASPRS (American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing)Each year, professionals working with photogrammetry, remote sensing, and GIS gather at the ASPRS Annual Conference for technical workshops, education sessions, awards recognizing excellence, and ASPRS committee meetings. The ASPRS Annual Conference started taking place with International Lidar Mapping Forum, now Geo Week, in 2018.“Geo Week brings together the most important and longstanding annual conferences in the aerial survey, remote sensing, and mapping profession- that being the ASPRS Annual Conference and what was previously known as the International Lidar Mapping Forum, now Geo Week,” said Karen Schuckman, Executive Director of ASPRS. “It gathers the brain trust of sensor manufacturers, software developers, systems integrators, scientific researchers, and government agency leadership who are responsible for basically everything important happening in photogrammetry, lidar, and UAS-based mapping.”
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Friday Dec 09, 2022

The following article first appeared on the Robotic Imaging Blog on Tuesday, December 6, 2022. It is reprinted below with the permission of Robotic Imaging.Robotic Imaging: What is Level of Detail (LOD)?In laser scanning, Level of Detail (LOD) is the term used to describe the resolution of the 3D scan. The higher the LOD, the more detail is captured in the scan. This is important because it determines how accurately the object can be reproduced. If you need a high level of accuracy, you'll need to use a scanner with a high LOD.Suggested reading: If you want to learn more about LOD, check out the Robotic Imaging Blog.When it comes to hiring someone to do a laser scan-to-BIM project, you have a few different level of detail options to choose from. The first is the point cloud, which is the most basic level of detail and captures the outline of the object scanned. The second is the mesh, which adds surface detail to the point cloud. And finally, there is the solid model, which creates a 3D model with all of the surface detail included.The level of detail you choose will depend on your needs and what you're trying to achieve with your project. If you just need an outline of the object scanned, then the point cloud is a good option. If you need more surface detail, then the mesh is a better choice. And if you need a 3D model with all of the surface detail included, then the solid model is your best option.The terms "level of development" and "level of detail" can be used interchangeably, but they have different meanings. "Level of development" refers to the stage of development a project is in. The six different levels of development, defined by the American Institute of Architects, are conceptual, schematic, design development, construction documents, bidding and construction, and occupancy. "Level of detail" refers to the resolution of the 3D scan. The higher the LOD, the more detail is captured in the scan.An "as-built" model is a 3D model that captures the actual condition of a building or structure after it has been constructed. It's used to document the physical state of the building and can be used for maintenance and repair purposes.
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Thursday Dec 08, 2022

1. Are you thinking about buying a Matterport Pro3 Camera, but not sure how you can justify the cost?2. Did you buy a Matterport Pro3 Camera and wondering about use cases other than residential real estate?My guest on WGAN-TV Live at 5 on Thursday, 8 December 2022 will be greater San Francisco bay area-based Hopscotch Interactive CEO and Chief Media Officer Emily Olman who will help answer these questions (above):► WGAN-TV 10 Use-Cases for the Matterport Pro3 Camera to Help Matterport Service Providers Make More MoneyEmily and I will assume that you are a Matterport Service Provider with a Matterport Pro2 Camera (and maybe you previously considered buying a Leica BLK360 (1st generation) to pair with the Matterport Capture app. (The BLK360 2nd generation is not compatible with Matterport (as of Monday, 7 November 2022 and that may not change).To help understand the use-cases (other than residential real estate) to make more money, I will ask Emily questions by Pro3 feature (that are not possible with the Matterport Pro2 Camera).For example, use-cases that are now possible because you can:1. scan outdoors2. scan large open spaces3. scan faster4. scan with greater distance between scan points5. scan with a higher Level Of Detail (LOD) of the spatial data6. none (or fewer) misalignment errors7. order Matterport Add Ons: MatterPak | E57 File | BIM File8. use third-party solutions (with a better result)9. use Matterport Partners solutions (with a better result)10. replaceable batteryWhat questions should I ask Emily Olman on WGAN-TV Live at 5?WGAN Forum Related Discussions► WGAN-TV Transcript: Matterport Pro3 Camera First Impressions | Southern 3D Tours► WGAN-TV Transcript: Matterport Pro3 Camera First Impressions | RKO Photography► WGAN-TV Transcript: Matterport MatterPak and E57 File: Pro3 vs. Pro2/BLK360► WGAN Cheat Sheet: Cost Worksheet for Matterport Pro3 Camera► THE List: MSPs with a Matterport Pro3 Camera or a Leica BLK360 Scanner► WGAN Forum discussions tagged: Pro3► WGAN-TV Podcast Play List: Pro3

Thursday Dec 08, 2022

Brussels, Belgium -- Thursday, December 8, 2022 -- The global real estate market cooldown doesn’t seem to be holding back Brussels-based Nodalview. The Proptech scale-up who builds innovative solutions for the residential real estate market is seeing sustained growth continuing to win new market share. The company has secured an investment round of €4M to fuel its ambition to become the #1 platform for real estate professionals and take advantage of the unique current market conditions.Rebalancing of the marketOver the previous 2 years, the demand for real estate has surged, generating a record number of transactions across Europe. Combined with low interest rates, this has put home sellers in a favourable position, needing little effort to attract (hungry) buyers. But today’s unfavourable macroeconomic context is now rebalancing the market back to its pre-pandemic levels. Although a portion of transactions are still taking place, inflation and recent interest rate spikes have lowered the appetite of buyers. This leads to uncertainty amongst sellers about whether the time is right to put their house on the market, unsure if they will get an attractive offer putting real estate agents at risk.The return of the buyer experienceRecent research conducted by the scale-up revealed that a staggering 88% of properties listed by agents on the main property portals in France and Belgium are still not leveraging modern buyer-friendly technologies beyond regular photography. These include 360° interactive tours, schematic 2D floor plans (

Wednesday Nov 30, 2022

Matterport Delivers Immersive 3D Experiences of Design Miami/ and the Miami Design DistrictCelebrating the second year the iconic sister fair to Art Basel has partnered with Matterport to provide digital access for design fans worldwideSUNNYVALE, California, Wednesday, November 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Matterport, Inc. (Nasdaq: MTTR) announced collaborations with two leading art and design organizations, Design Miami/ and the Miami Design District. Using the new Pro3 3D camera, Matterport captured and produced immersive digital twins that allow visitors to partake in this year’s Design Miami/ fair and the Miami Design District’s Annual Neighborhood Commission. These digital experiences broaden accessibility for design lovers worldwide, and provide an opportunity for onsite visitors to dive deeper into the exhibitions and installations.Online visitors to the Design Miami/ digital twin can explore 50 exhibitions and galleries across 73,000 square feet, featuring fair partners such as Kohler, Audi, Fendi, and others. Virtual attendees can interact with the best in historic and contemporary design and make purchases on designmiami.com through direct links tagged within the digital twin. This marks the second year Matterport has provided the digital experience of the fair, reflecting Design Miami’s ongoing commitment to innovation in design.“As the preeminent global forum for design, it’s essential that we offer cutting edge digital experiences for our audience,” said April Magen, Director of Global Partnerships, Design Miami/. “Matterport provides us with a dynamic digital platform to strengthen engagement with our audience and increase the visibility and value we bring to our galleries and partners with an immersive digital experience of their exhibitions.”
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Wednesday Nov 16, 2022

RICOH360 Tours Accelerates Photographers Virtual Tour Service for Real Estate and Marketing CompaniesWith the combination of features automated through AI to the highest quality, photographers, and real estate photo marketing companies will complete jobs faster and capture more business.---▶ RICOH360 Tours for Real Estate Photographers▶ RICOH360 TOURS | Example 1 (Full Tour) | Example 2 (unbranded) | Example 3 (Compact)▶ Book a RICOH360 Tours Demo▶ RICOH360 Tours - Two Week Free Trial---CAMPBELL, California, Wednesday, October 5, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RICOH360 Tours, a service of RICOH Company Ltd, the only truly complete and affordable 360° virtual tour solution under one global brand, has announced a string of new professional AI generated content for real estate. The latest allows for multi-brand banners at tour level.RICOH360 Tours which has delivered more than 13,000,000 virtual tours to help real estate agents sell and rent billions in residential and commercial listings is seeking to accelerate the adoption of professional real estate photographers to its virtual tour platform.From the vast amount of visual data accumulated since the launch of the RICOH THETA cameras in 2013, Ricoh’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology creates rich content that buyers and sellers value most highly as property listing content in the home search process.Research by the National Association of REALTORS® shows increasingly every year that nearly 60% to 70% of buyers and sellers have come to expect virtual tours and floor plans as part of their online home search journey. Mostly on average only 17% of listings on the top real estate websites incorporate a floor plan and 6% a virtual tour.“With professional real estate photographers accessing RICOH360 Tours platform for such offerings as unlimited active tours with unlimited images for one-time fixed pricing, virtual staging, floor plan generation, engaging 360˚ walkthrough videos and 2D photo cropping delivered through powerful patented AI technology,” said Director of Data Services Yasuo Nishiyama. “Real estate photographers will complete more jobs in less time and become more profitable doing so.”RICOH360 Tours all-in-one marketing solution provides some of the richest contents for property seekers which has proven time-after-time the best way to drive sales for both residential and commercial brokerages and agents.RICOH360 Tours for Real Estate Photographers
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Thursday Nov 10, 2022

Labpano Announces PilotPano: a Versatile 360-Degree AI Camera with 3.1-inch TouchscreenThe combination of performance and functionality gives entrepreneurs and daily life vloggers many exciting and pragmatic use cases.PilotPano Product Highlights1. 5.7K HD resolution and 4K HD Livestreaming2. 3.1" touchscreen and fluent Android-based operating system3. 2300mAh replaceable battery provides a 100-min runtime4. Efficient street view capture with high-precision GPS5. Pilot open API ecosystem for self-development6. PilotSteady real-time stabilization7. AI Auto-tracking/editingShenzhen, Thursday, November 10, 2022 - Labpano, the leading panoramic hardware and solution provider, launches PilotPano, a versatile 360-degree AI camera that is user-centric in appearance and functionality with professional-level features.Feature-packed 360°AI CameraEmpowered by the Pilot OS operating system based on Android 10, a smooth and intuitive operation is within reach. The large 3.1" HD touchscreen allows you to adjust camera settings, preview footage easily, and frame a subject.PilotPano has a dual 1/2.3" CMOS sensor and dual 210° F2.0 ultra-wide fisheye lenses. The dynamic range makes every detail true to life, enhancing the image quality while keeping lifelike shots. PilotPano supports up to 5.7K/30fps, 4K/60fps, and 2.5K/120fps video. Moreover, real-time HDR photos and video let every capture be more vibrant.PilotSteady real-time stabilization with a built-in 9-axis gyroscope and upgraded stitching algorithm achieves real-time correction and automatic compensation of video images, expanding the possibilities of creating panoramic content.A 2300mAh swappable battery promises up to 100 minutes of runtime. Team up with an exclusive power supply accessory, you can fuel your video-shooting journey all day and all week long.The four built-in 360°panoramic microphones with intelligent noise reduction locate the sound source and eliminate echoes, fully enhancing the overall radio effect of the camera and giving the creator an immersive experience.The 1/4 threaded hole and 3.5mm audio port allows you to install a selfie stick, microphone, and camera cage.A Camera with Flagship PerformanceInheriting the advantages of Pilot series cameras, PilotPano also allows you to capture street view efficiently thanks to the high-precision GPS module. It generates premium 5.7K images up to a speed of 7fps and enables you to upload from the camera directly.The Android-based Pilot open API ecosystem provides third-party and individual developers with the independence of self-developed apps and third-party programs. Furthermore, the Pilot OS 6.0 system offers regular system and software updates to improve performance and allow you to fully utilize the camera at all times.Excel in Vlog and Live StreamingApart from panoramic video, PilotPano also supports 90°, 120°, 135° and 150° video. 9:16, 16:9, and 1:1 aspect ratios are available for better social network sharing.The Pilot Go App lets you master all the tricks including AI editing, AI auto-tracking, reframing, beautifying and filtering, etc.PilotPano plays an excellent role as a standalone camera to start a 4K30fps Live streaming on Facebook and YouTube, as well as customized platforms. Real-time stitching, stabilization, and real-time AI auto-tracking tune to live streamers’ taste.Wearing a VR headset, an immersive world will unfold for you to experience new Metaverse live streaming.Pricing and availabilityPilotPano Standard US $479, £489, €579 [Buy via: Labpano | Amazon]Available at Labpano's Official Website and Amazon.Specifications1. Dimensions: 138 mm x 54.5mm x 45.7mm2. Weight: 295g (10.41oz)3. Touchscreen: 3.1 inch4. Battery capacity: 2300 mAh replaceable Li-Po battery (Labpano | Amazon)5. Sensor: 1/2.3'' Sony Sensor *26. Lens: 210°/F2.0 fisheye*27. Storage: RAM: 4GB/ROM: 32GB (External storage supported)Labpano Links1. Website: www.labpano.com2. Facebook: Labpano3. Instagram: Labpano4. YouTube channel: LabpanoSource: Labpano

Thursday Nov 10, 2022

If you have hundreds or thousands of Matterport spaces, it's likely that you need an advanced Content Management System (CMS):▶ WGAN-TV Matterport + SIMLAB inHouse:CMS Includes Interactive Google Map, Analytics, AI ChatBot with 3D Avatar (and Much More!)Thanks to my guests:1. SIMLAB Founder and CEO Marek Koźlak, PhD Eng. (@SIMLAB)2. SIMLAB Product Owner Marta Stanek
SIMLAB inHouse Features Demo Includes▶ Interactive Google Map with Matterport Digital Twins - and with other API integrations▶ Advanced Matterport Model Search – by tag, property type, location and map▶ Connection Between Matterport Models - innovative screenshot tagging system (jump between models)▶ 3D Interactive Avatar - Add an AI bot supported by IBM Watson Assistant to enhance user interactions with Avatar▶ Advanced Analytics - 30+ analytic charts, heatmap with Matterport space; user analytics▶ Complex CMS System - easily manage hundreds of Matterport digital twins▶ Single Property Websites - with detailed property descriptions▶ Flexible iFrame - use portal elements; be more efficient▶ Assign an Agent/Facility Manager for Each Property - synchronize calendars and facility events
Best,DanSIMLAB Links▶ SIMLAB website▶ SIMLAB inHouse micro-site▶ SIMLAB STAGES micro-site▶ SIMLAB SIM-ON micro-site▶ SIMLAB YouTube Channel▶ SIMLAB Founder and CEO Marek Kozlak▶ WGAN Forum: @SIMLAB@Jedrzej

Thursday Nov 10, 2022

Matterport Announces Record Third Quarter 2022 Financial Results1. Total revenue rose to a record $38.0 million, above Company guidance2. Subscription revenue rose to a record $19.0 million, above Company guidance3. Services revenue rose to a record $10.0 million, up 204% year-over-year4. Q3 GAAP loss per share of $0.205. Q3 Non-GAAP loss per share of $0.09, exceeding Company guidance6. Balance sheet remains strong with $495 million in cash and investmentsSUNNYVALE, California, Thursday, November 10, 2022 -- (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- -- Matterport, Inc. (Nasdaq: MTTR) (“Matterport” or the “Company”), the leading spatial data company driving the digital transformation of the built world, today announced record financial results for the quarter ended September 30, 2022.“We delivered outstanding third quarter results, with record total revenue, demonstrating that our strategy is working,” said RJ Pittman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Matterport. “We successfully launched our new Enterprise Essentials subscription suite as well as our new, high speed, LiDAR-enabled, Pro3 camera, which began shipping in the third quarter. We also completed the acquisition of VHT Studios, which brings together an industry-leading real estate marketing platform with Matterport’s immersive digital twin technologies. Further, customer demand remained robust in the quarter as enterprises leveraged the deflationary power of Matterport digital twins to improve operating efficiency and productivity, resulting in strong revenue growth across our target markets,” Pittman added.“We saw strength across all of our revenue lines in the quarter, and combined with our focus on operating efficiency, we delivered financial results that exceeded our expectations on both the top and bottom lines,” said JD Fay, Chief Financial Officer of Matterport. “Subscription revenue grew to a record $19.0 million and services revenue grew 204% year-over-year, to a record $10.0 million. In addition, we were able to ship through our product order backlog during the third quarter. Finally, our focus on operational efficiency began yielding savings a quarter earlier than planned, and with our strong revenue growth, enabled non-GAAP net loss to improve by 24% sequentially, resulting in a narrower loss relative to our guidance range.”Third Quarter 2022 Financial Highlights1. Total subscribers increased to 657,000, up 50% compared to the third quarter of 20212. Spaces Under Management (SUM) grew to 8.7 million, up 40% year-over-year3. Total revenue was $38.0 million, up 37% year-over-year4. Subscription revenue was $19.0 million, up 21% year-over-year5. Services revenue was $10.0 million, up 204% year-over-year6. Annualized Recurring Revenue (ARR) exiting the third quarter was $76.0 million7. Non-GAAP net loss was $0.09 per share
Matterport media release continues in the We Get Around Network Forum (www.WGANForum.com).

Friday Nov 04, 2022

LCP Media Announces API Automated Integration with Zillow RentalsWe are proud to announce that LCP Media, a leading national visual media technology company for multifamily property owners and managers, has established an API integration with Zillow Rentals, the #1 most visited rental network*, to feed our groundbreaking TourBuilder virtual tours to property listings.Benefits to our customers include:1. TourBuilder virtual tours are automatically sent to Zillow Rentals for placement on the property’s listings.2. There is no more manual work on the side of marketing professionals or leasing teams to send their TourBuilder virtual tours to Zillow Rentals3. The prospective residents experience the community and apartment units with an immersive virtual walkthrough.TourBuilder is the multifamily’s new agile hub for the creation, organization, storage, management, and performance tracking of digital and visual media assets - from one unit to an entire community. It is a proprietary AI platform technology built exclusively by LCP Media.TourBuilder Pro are professionally-captured virtual tours of the community, amenities, and model units using our extensive photographer network. TourBuilder Go are unit-level virtual tours shot by the onsite teams or our photographer network."TourBuilder is a world-class virtual tour platform for capturing property and unit-level 3D tours. It enables top ownership and management companies to create digital twins of their buildings,” said Tom Chomiak, Chief Technology Officer at LCP Media. “Today, we are excited to announce our latest API integration with Zillow Rentals. This integration allows us to push unit-level 3D tours to the Zillow Rental Network in real-time, helping significantly increase our reach and playing an effective role in converting prospects quickly and reducing time spent on the market for units.”LCP Media (www.LCPMedia.com) has created over 5,000 virtual tours of apartment communities, including those owned and managed by the biggest real estate companies in the United States, such as Greystar, LivCor, Cushman & Wakefield, and Lincoln Property Company, among others.*Comscore Media Metrix®, Custom-defined list: Zillow Rentals, Apartments.com Network, RentPath Network, Apartmentlist.com, and Zumper.com, Total Audience, Jan 2022-Mar 2022, U.S.Source: LCP Media Blog Post--WGAN Forum Related Discussions▶ Transcript: WGAN-TV | How to Make Money with TourBuilder by LCP Media▶ WGAN Forum discussions tagged: LCP Media | TourBuilder by LCP Media | LCP Media Help Wanted

Thursday Nov 03, 2022

Are you wondering how the Matterport Pro3 Camera shot MatterPak and E57 File compare to the Matterport Pro2 Camera and Leica BLK360 shot MatterPak and E57 File?Watch:▶ WGAN-TV: Matterport MatterPak and E57 File: Matterport Pro3 Camera versus Pro2 and Leica BLK360My guest will be:▶ Robotic Imaging Co-Founder and CEO Mike Chawaga (@MikeChawaga)Mike was previously my guest on WGAN-TV Live at 5 (Thursday, 4 November 2021) for:▶ WGAN-TV | Matterport + Leica BLK360: 20 Questions (and Answers)What questions should I ask Mike about the MatterPak or E57 File created via a Matterport Pro3 Camera, Matterport Pro2 Camera or Matterport Capture app paired with the Leica BLK360 scanner?Best,DanAbout Robotic Imagining (from the Robotic Imaging website)What is Robotic Imaging?Our team consists of reality capture technicians throughout the world digitizing the future of industrial, commercial and residential real estate. Robotic Imaging digitizes the world with high definition laser scanners and reality models online. Architects, Engineers, Construction, Developers and project stakeholders work with our data to accelerate real estate development and portfolio scalability.How does Robotic Imaging work?Request and scan and we will deploy Robotic Imaging on your site. LiDAR, Drones, BIM and VR are foundational for our applications.How much does Robotic Imaging cost?The more accurate to reality, the more time and cost. Our high definition laser scanning can collect LiDAR and colorized RGB values at a variety of densities specific to your project. Reach out for a quote: capture@roboimg.comWhere and When is Robotic Imaging available?When your property is accessible, scanning can occur 24/7, on weekends, outside hours of operation and/or under specific certifications or procedures.How did Robotic Imaging start?Founded in Philadelphia by Real Estate Developers and Programmers. Reach out and connect with us: info@roboimg.comRobotic Imaging Links1. Robotic Imaging Website2. Mike Chawaga LinkedIn Profile3. Robotic Imaging Facebook Page4. Robotic Imaging YouTube Channel5. Robotic Imaging on Twitter: @RoboticImaging6. Robotic Imaging on Instagram: roboticimaging7. Contact Mike Chawaga: mike@roboimg.com

Thursday Oct 27, 2022

How do you easily, quickly and efficiently enable your clients book your services instantly?Find out on Thursday, 27 October 2022 on WGAN-TV Live at 5:▶ WGAN-TV | Introduction to REMARK.re Traffic-Aware Instant Booking Service for Real Estate PhotographersMy guest will be Remark Founder and CEO Alex Gustafson (@_AG).Topics Include▶ Problems that REMARK.re solves▶ Getting Started▶ Building your portfolio▶ Traffic Times Built In▶ How to set availability▶ Syncs with Google Calendar▶ Configuring your booking checkout and confirmation page▶ The checkout process▶ Going live▶ Text and Email Confirmations▶ Hands Off Booking: Ultimate Control▶ Your Services on a Pedestal▶ Offer Same Day Bookings▶ Set Service Time Variables▶ Offer Variable or Fixed Pricing [SQFT; tiers; based on listing price; bundles, complex pricing]▶ Set max travel radius [options to charge travel time or by the mile]▶ Add custom buffers▶ Benefits of charging a finely-tuned travel fee▶ Patent pending traffic aware instant booking▶ And MoreAbout www.REMARK.re▶ Existing scheduling tools aren't for people who drive. Remark.re changes this by padding yourappointments with real future drive time estimates.▶ Our patent pending traffic aware booking tool is made for real estate photographers by real estate photographers. Customers only see availability if you have time to make the drive to and from their location.

Wednesday Oct 26, 2022

Why Matterport Should Buy RSET: the Emergency Responder Training Platform (Police, Fire, EMTs)Commentary and Analysis byDan SmigrodFounder and Managing EditorWe Get Around Network and WGAN-TV PodcastMatterport should buy RSET is my takeaway from the demo and discussion with the RSET team on a recent WGAN-TV Podcast:► Matterport + RSET for Real-World Simulations for Police, Fire and EMT Emergency RespondersDuring this WGAN-TV Podcast, RSET Founder and CEO Bill Gregory said: “RSET is developed for the military and first responders, primarily, where you can take [3D] scans of real-world environments and create an interactive space to do training simulations and after-action review.”Add to this, according to the RSET website, “... where high risk events can be safely replicated, customized and shared to save lives and reduce injuries in the line of duty.”Unfortunately, it’s not too hard to imagine a mass casualty incident – an active shooter at a school; church or synagogue; a fire in a museum or theater; or an explosion at a high-visibility and critical building space in your community.Now, imagine that prior to that mass casualty event, emergency responders – police, firefighters and EMTs – can train within a digital twin of that specific space to rehearse various scenarios such as:1. Various kinds of casualties2. AI adversaries shooting back3. Obstacles4. weather conditions (smoke, fire, lighting, submerged under water)5. fire (various burn rates of walls and floors)6. sounds of people – avatars – screaming for help (or too injured to say anything)Imagine after mass casualty events, the same as above, except with the actual scenarios, digitally recreated, to do post analysis of “what happened” to either:1. improve for the next time2. use in litigation (next generation trial graphics) to bring the jury to the scene of a nightclub fire and walk them aroundBefore and after simulations for emergency responders are possible because of Matterport + RSET. The Rapid Synthetic Environment Tool (RSET Engine) enables anyone (democratizes) to build-out training scenarios using the Matterport MatterPak Object file (.OBJ) as the environment.
(Continues in the We Get Around Network Forum (www.WGANForum.com).

Thursday Oct 20, 2022

WGAN-TV | Part 3 of 3 | Urbanimmersive Franchise Network Back-End Demo (Book, Schedule, Invoice and Deliver)Hi All,On WGAN-TV Live at 5 on Thursday, 20 October 2022, my guests are:1. Urbanimmersive President and CEO Ghislain Lemire2. Urbanimmersive VP, Business Development and Partnerships François-Hugues Liberge3. Urbanimmersive VP, Operations Amélie Ste-Croix DubéThe topic:WGAN-TV | Part 3 of 3 | Urbanimmersive Franchise Network Back-End Demo (Book, Schedule, Invoice and Deliver)For Part 3 of 3 (above), we will figure that you have already watched (see videos below):1. Part 1 of 3 | WGAN-TV | Real Estate Pros: Intro to Urbanimmersive Real Estate Photography Services2. Part 2 of 3 | WGAN-TV | 8 Reasons Real Estate Photographers Should Join the Urbanimmersive Franchise NetworkFor the back-end demo of the Urbanimmersive Franchise Network back-end, I will ask our guests to assume that you have just joined the Urbanimmersive Franchise Network and you are ready for training on the back-end, including:1. Booking2. Scheduling3. Invoicing4. Delivering5. And More!Questions that I should ask Ghislain Lemire and François-Hugues Liberge?Best,DanUrbanimmersive Links1. Urbanimmersive Website2. Urbanimmersive Franchise Network (micro-website)3. Urbanimmersive Facebook Page4. Urbanimmersive YouTube Channel5. Urbanimmersive LinkedIn Page6. Urbanimmersive on Twitter7. Urbanimmersive VP, Business Development and Partnerships François-Hugues Liberge

Thursday Oct 20, 2022

Thanks to the @RSET team for showing (above WGAN-TV recording) how Matterport MatterPak + RSET Engine creates value for:► Emergency Responders (Fire/EMT/Police)► Litigation► MilitaryIf you are a Matterport Service Provider, this is a "must watch" WGAN-TV show to learn how you can:► Create more value for existing clients (particularly schools, museums, theaters, public spaces)► Get more scanning business by understanding the value of Matterport MatterPak + RSET EnginePlus, if you are thinking about buying a Matterport Pro3 Camera, this show will be helpful too (outdoors, heigh ceiling, large spaces).--
Episode beings with ...
Well, this is scary. And, just in time for Halloween.Take your Matterport scans and turn them into a ZOMBIE HORROR GAME! Careful! You are on your own!You can now Fight ZOMBIES (www.MatterPakAttack.com) in Any Matterport Digital Twin powered by www.RSETengine.com.Use your own Matterport MatterPak for the Zombie fighting environment or use one of the examples provided.And, it's free (to help you visualize the potential) for Matterport + RSET engine from Matterport Partner Enomalies, LLC (RSET).Fight ZOMBIES today and learn more about Fighting ZOMBIES (www.MatterPakAttack.com) in any Matterport digital twin powered by www.RSETengine.com on Tuesday, 18 October 2022:► WGAN-TV | Flight ZOMBIES (www.MatterPakAttack.com) in Any Matterport digital twin mesh view powered by www.RSETengine.comMy guests are:1. RSET Founder and CEO Bill Gregory2. RSET Director of Operations Michael Schmidt3. RSET Unity 3D Developer Michael ProbstIn addition to a demo of fighting ZOMBIES within Matterport digital twins mesh view, I will ask Bill and Michael about using RSET for:► CONSUMER – Do more with your Matterport digital twins. Plan layouts, change furniture, play games, and more. Your scan, your rules.► DEFENSE – Use existing synthetic environments or create new ones to maximize sets and reps for a variety of infantry-related training scenarios.► PUBIC SAFETY / FIRE / EMS – Train for high risk scenarios without the expense. Suppression, command sim, triage, and more in the critical buildings in your city.► LAW – Digitally recreate incidents in the next generation of trial graphics. Virtually bring the jury to the scene and walk them around.RSET Clients Include► US Department of the Navy | Science & Technology► US Department of the Navy | Marine Corps► Lexington, KY Fire Department► OLF | Oldfather Law FirmAbout RSETLexington, KY-based RSET makes software that allows Matterporters to interact with Matterport 3D scans in meaningful yet fun ways.The Rapid Synthetic Environment Tool (RSET) allows you to walk through your Matterport 3D scans and paint on the walls, add furniture and other objects, record video from virtual cameras, and so much more.The RSET most recent venture is a partnership with Matterport where you can play a Zombie survival game in your MatterPaks (free at www.MatterPakAttack.com).Our more serious work is with the Navy and first responders to provide virtual training exercises in digital twins such as active shooter, fire suppression and mass casualty event training.

Wednesday Oct 19, 2022

As Residential Real Estate Markets Tighten, Digital Twins Provide a Competitive Edge for Listing Agents and SellersSurvey Finds 33% of Recent US Homebuyers Purchased a Home Sight Unseen, While 89% Consider 3D Virtual Tours as Important to the Buying ProcessSUNNYVALE, California, Wednesday, October 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Matterport, Inc. (Nasdaq: MTTR) released insights from a global survey of consumer homebuyer trends that found digital twins, when used to create 3D virtual tours, are increasingly effective for driving home sales. For sellers facing headwinds against rising interest rates creating buyers with reduced spending power, leading to potential price reductions, 3D virtual tours can provide listings with outsized exposure to drive buyer interest. For agents who are competing to win new listings, digital twins are a powerful marketing and service offering to win new clients.Digital twins are particularly influential in the US as buyers are willing to move farther distances due to the flexibility of remote work. The survey, conducted by OnePoll in June 2022*, found 33% of US buyers in the past two years bought their property sight unseen, and 62% of buyers said virtual tools would be important for future purchases.Over 35% of buyers chose to move because they needed more home office space for remote work, and 34% of buyers in the past two years relocated over 50 miles, making a 3D virtual tour the most practical solution for efficiently touring multiple homes from afar.“While the pandemic created an acute need to showcase properties remotely, buyers have found they actually prefer Matterport’s 3D virtual tours over visiting a bunch of properties in-person. They’re easy to navigate, available 24/7, and provide buyers with an accurate depiction of a home’s overall look, feel and layout,” said Bernard Nguyen, Senior Director of Business Strategy, Residential Real Estate at Matterport. “Agents are leveraging our digital twins to drive much needed exposure to listings, even reaching buyers who don’t live locally, to expand their buyer pool to sell homes.”Additional US highlights from the survey:► 31% of buyers spent more time viewing listings with 3D virtual tours► 62% of buyers believe virtual tools will be an essential resource for future purchases.► The greatest motivations for home purchases were driven by; Needing more space (41%), investments (37%), and supporting remote work needs (35%).
Matterport media release continues in the We Get Around Network Forum. www.WGANForum.com

Tuesday Oct 18, 2022

Well, this is scary. And, just in time for Halloween.
Take your Matterport scans and turn them into a ZOMBIE HORROR GAME! Careful! You are on your own!
You can now Fight ZOMBIES (www.MatterPakAttack.com) in Any Matterport Digital Twin powered by www.RSETengine.com.
Use your own Matterport MatterPak for the Zombie fighting environment or use one of the examples provided.
And, it's free (to help you visualize the potential) for Matterport + RSET engine from Matterport Partner Enomalies, LLC (RSET).
Fight ZOMBIES today and learn more about Fighting ZOMBIES (www.MatterPakAttack.com) in any Matterport digital twin powered by www.RSETengine.com on Tuesday, 18 October 2022:
► WGAN-TV | Flight ZOMBIES (www.MatterPakAttack.com) in Any Matterport digital twin mesh view powered by www.RSETengine.com
My guests are:
1. RSET Founder and CEO Bill Gregory2. RSET Director of Operations Michael Schmidt3. RSET Unity 3D Developer Michael Probst
In addition to a demo of fighting ZOMBIES within Matterport digital twins mesh view, I will ask Bill and Michael about using RSET for:
► CONSUMER – Do more with your Matterport digital twins. Plan layouts, change furniture, play games, and more. Your scan, your rules.► DEFENSE – Use existing synthetic environments or create new ones to maximize sets and reps for a variety of infantry-related training scenarios.► PUBIC SAFETY / FIRE / EMS – Train for high risk scenarios without the expense. Suppression, command sim, triage, and more in the critical buildings in your city.► LAW – Digitally recreate incidents in the next generation of trial graphics. Virtually bring the jury to the scene and walk them around.
RSET Clients Include
► US Department of the Navy | Science & Technology► US Department of the Navy | Marine Corps► Lexington, KY Fire Department► OLF | Oldfather Law Firm
About RSET
Lexington, KY-based RSET makes software that allows Matterporters to interact with Matterport 3D scans in meaningful yet fun ways.
The Rapid Synthetic Environment Tool (RSET) allows you to walk through your Matterport 3D scans and paint on the walls, add furniture and other objects, record video from virtual cameras, and so much more.
The RSET most recent venture is a partnership with Matterport where you can play a Zombie survival game in your MatterPaks (free at www.MatterPakAttack.com).
Our more serious work is with the Navy and first responders to provide virtual training exercises in digital twins such as active shooter, fire suppression and mass casualty event training.
If you are a Matterport Service Provider, this is a "must watch" WGAN-TV show to learn how you can:
► Create more value for existing clients (particularly schools, museums, theaters, public spaces)► Get more scanning business by understanding the value of Matterport MatterPak + RSET Engine
Plus, if you are thinking about buying a Matterport Pro3 Camera, this show will be helpful too (outdoors, heigh ceiling, large spaces).

Thursday Oct 06, 2022

What are the first impressions of the Matterport Pro3 Camera by a Matterport Service Provider that uses a Pro2 (and has used a BLK360 scanner)?
How does the Matterport Pro3 Camera compare to a Matterport Pro2 Camera?
How does the Matterport Pro3 Camera compare to a Leica BLK360 Scanner?
On WGAN-TV Live at 5 on Thursday, 6 October 2022:
✓ WGAN-TV | Matterport Pro3 Camera: First Impressions and Matterport Pro3 versus Leica BLK360
My guests are:
Greater Birmingham, Alabama-based RKO Photography President Roger Owens (@rko1)
Greater Birmingham, Alabama-based RKO Photography Vice President Kay Owens
RKO Photography has team members in these locations (and travels):
Birmingham, AL
Tulsa, OK
New Orleans, LA
Memphis, TN
North Carolina (coming soon)
South Carolina (coming soon)
[travels to Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas]
RKO Photography has eight team members and expects to reach 10-12 by the end of 2022.
As long-time Matterport Pros - with eight (8) Matterport Pro2 3D Cameras, two (2) Leica BLK360 Camera/Scanner, two (2) Trimble x7s; multiple 360 1-click cameras (Ricoh Theta Z1s, Insta360s; and now seven (7) Matterport Pro3 Cameras, Roger and Kay can speak at length about their Matterport Pro3 Camera first impressions versus the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera and versus Leica BLK360 Camera/Scanner.
"Currently Matterport probably makes up 50 to 60% of our business, but we are developing a sales force and are actually beginning to pick up large customers directly," writes Roger. "We do not and will not compete with the people who are giving us work, but though hard work and developing our personnel and our system, it is all coming together. It is all about relationships. We are also developing branding through social media."
RKO Photography specializes in large commercial spaces; including a project that was nearly 500,000 SQ FT that it completed using Leica BLK360 scanners.
See examples of Matterport Pro3 Camera shot digital twins in the We Get Around Network Forum (www.WGANForum.com).

Monday Oct 03, 2022

Five Reasons to Be Among the First to Buy a Matterport Pro3 CameraCommentary and Analysis byDan SmigrodFounder and Managing EditorWe Get Around Network ForumWGAN-TV PodcastWGAN-TV Training U (in Matterport)If you are a Matterport Service Provider thinking about buying a Matterport Pro3 Camera, but are holding off either because you have concerns about the accuracy of the Matterport Pro3 Camera versus the Leica BLK360 scanner – or other concern, here are five reasons to go ahead with your purchase of the Matterport Pro3 Camera.1. Accuracy of the Matterport Pro3 Camera versus the Leica BLK360The Matterport Pro3 Camera is significantly more accurate than a Matterport Pro2 Camera and “good enough” when compared to a Leica BLK360 Scanner.► The accuracy of the Leica BLK360 (1st generation) is 6mm at 10 meters using the settings: High/Very Slow, according to Matterport Support.► The accuracy of the Matterport Pro3 Camera is +/- 20mm (0.2%) @ 10 meters, according to Matterport Support. [Range is +/- 20 meters (Matterport model)► The accuracy of the Matterport Pro2 Camera is +/- 54 mm (1%) at 5 metersIf these numbers make your eyes glaze over, that’s okay. I could imagine that 80 percent (or more) of the Matterport + Leica BLK360 jobs can now be handled by a Matterport Pro3 Camera. I say this because I could imagine that Matterport Capture Services On-Demand likely weighed in heavy on the the requirements of the Matterport Pro3 Camera:► The accuracy of the Matterport Pro3 Camera needed to be “good enough” to scan 80 percent (or more) of existing jobs where the BLK360 was required (versus a Matterport Pro2 Camera). [I could imagine that Matterport Capture Services On Demand had difficulty sourcing enough MSPs with a BLK360 resulting in either: Matterport clients paying a travel fee or not going forward with potential projects because of the cost of travel.► The accuracy of the Matterport Pro3 Camera needed to be “good enough” to scan 80 percent (or more) of potential new jobs where the BLK360 would be required (versus a Matterport Pro2 Camera).► The Matterport Pro2 Camera needed to be affordable by 80 percent (or more) of Matterport Service Providers: a trade off of accuracy versus price versus value.For a deep-dive discussion of Measurement Accuracy in Matterport Spaces, please see Matterport Support.2. First Mover Advantages of Buying a Matterport Pro3 CameraWhile you may be hesitant to lay out $6,000 for a new Matterport Pro3 Camera or $8,000 for a Matterport Pro3 Camera Acceleration Kit (plus, adding a new Matterport Cloud account, if you are on Matterport Classic Pricing), how many new jobs - that could only be possible because of the Matterport Pro3 Camera should weigh-in in your thinking.For example, during WGAN-TV Live at 5, on Thursday, September 29, 2022, my guest, greater Atlanta-area Southern 3D Tours Founder and Matterport 3D Imaging Specialist Larry Gamel shared with us that an architect engaged Southern 3D Tours to do an outdoor elevation shoot (that required either a Matterport Pro3 Camera or Leica BLK360 Scanner).3. Competitive Advantage (versus other Matterport Service Providers)If you are in a market that has multiple Matterport Service Providers, you may already be experiencing a downward spiral in price: particularly for virtual tours of residential real estate. Buying a Matterport Pro3 Camera will help make your competitors irrelevant - regardless of price - when you are able to do outdoor scanning (where spatial data matters versus Matterport 360 Views); high ceilings (such as a theater, gym or atrium) and large spaces (where accuracy of measurements matter).Plus, I could imagine that those that are first with the Matterport Pro3 Camera may “box out” those that buy the Matterport Pro3 Camera later (rather than sooner). Think first-mover advantages.4. Matterport Capture Services On Demand, IFTI/Provision Solutions (and More)I could imagine that Matterport Capture Services On Demand, IFTI/PROvision Solutions and other agencies that engage Matterport Service Providers will actively be seeking Matterport Service Providers with Matterport Pro3 Cameras.We Get Around Network curates THE List: a list of Matterport Service Providers with at least one Matterport Pro3 Camera and/or Leica BLK360 Scanner to help grow multi-market Matterport scanning business for MSPs where a Matterport Pro3 Camera or Leica BLK360 Scanner is required.5. New Verticals Likely Made Possible by the Matterport Pro3 CameraThe Matterport Pro3 Camera likely enables new verticals for your Matterport Service Provider business, including:1. As-Built Surveys2. Construction Documentation3. Outdoor Elevations4. Facilities Management5. Space PlanningI discuss these five verticals at length in my We Get Around Network Forum post on Thursday, September 1, 2022:► Matterport Pro3 Camera Solves 10 Problems & Helps MSPs with 5 New Use CasesBonus Reason to Buy the Matterport Pro3 CameraIf you frequently experience misalignment errors when using a Matterport Pro2 Camera, misalignment errors virtually disappear with the Matterport Pro3 Camera resulting in faster scanning and less frustration, according to Larry Gamel during our WGAN-TV Live at 5 show:► Matterport Pro3 Camera: First ImpressionsWhat’s (still) holding you back from buying a Matterport Pro3 Camera?Please share your thoughts in the We Get Around Network Forum (www.WGANForum.com).

Thursday Sep 29, 2022

1. What are the first impressions of the Matterport Pro3 Camera by a Matterport Service Provider that uses a Pro2 (and has used a BLK360 scanner)?2. How does the Matterport Pro3 Camera compare to a Matterport Pro2 Camera?3. How does the Matterport Pro3 Camera compare to a Leica BLK360 Scanner?On Thursday, 29 September 2022, my guest will be Southern 3D Tours Matterport 3D Imaging Specialist Larry Gamel .By this Thursday, Larry expects to have done his third Matterport scan using the Matterport Pro3 Camera: including one house that he scanned with the Pro3 and Pro2; and two new construction homes that he is expects to scan on Tuesday, 27 September 2022.Added on Thursday, 29 September 2022:Larry writes, "I did the two new construction jobs and they went well. I've also done a job for [redacted] that was 4800 SQFT with around 10,000 SQFT of exterior. It took a little over 2 hours. I also did a short term rental and had to use the pro 2. That's when the differences really stood out."In the last five years, Larry has done:1. around 800 Matterport digital twins with a Matterport Pro2 Camera2. Matterport digital twins of many large spacing; including nearly 120,000 SQ FT3. Matterport digital twins scanned with a Leica BLK360 Scanner (paired with Matterport Capture app)4. Matterport digital twins for 3rd party companies5. Matterport scans for his real estate practice (In addition to being a MSP, Larry is a REALTOR)
See Matterport Digital Twins shot with the Matterport Pro3 Camera in the We Get Around Network Forum:

Wednesday Sep 28, 2022

EQ3 and Gryd launch virtual furnishing tech designed to simplify the leasing experience for apartment-huntersWINNIPEG, MB, Tuesday, September 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ - Canadian based companies, EQ3 (designer, manufacturer, and retailer of premium furniture and home goods) and Gryd (property technology company serving industry-leading property managers, owners, and REITs) are pleased to announce their first exclusive partnership surrounding two new innovations in PropTech: Space Designer and 3D V-Commerce Tours [of Matterport digital twins].The Space Designer tool, built for real estate owners and property managers, converts 2D floor plans and virtual tours into interactive 3D models. It is a practical planning tool that allows tenants to envision and execute the design of their next living space with high-end EQ3 pieces that are guaranteed to fit, both physically and stylistically. With Space Designer, users can drag and drop a variety of EQ3's upholstery, bedroom, dining, and rug pieces throughout a space and seamlessly bring it to life with direct-purchase links for EQ3 products embedded within the 3D experience.The second PropTech tool curated by Gryd and EQ3, 3D V-Commerce Tours [of Matterport digital twins] also takes the guesswork out of the leasing and furnishing experience with virtual commerce technology. In collaboration with the leading product visualization platform, Cylindo, 3D V-Commerce Tours puts the virtual staging power in the hands of property owners, allowing them to showcase their properties with stylistically consistent, hyper-realistic virtual EQ3 furniture that attracts their ideal tenants and accurately reflects the quality of their portfolio. This tool also takes the virtual buying experience a step further by allowing users to envision an EQ3-furnished space through an AR or VR headset.Following a successful launch with Toronto's Two Avenue Road, luxury residential residences owned by leading global real estate investor and early 3D V-Commerce Tours adopter Oxford Properties, the technology is now positioned to be launched across portfolios nationwide."At EQ3 we understand that home has more than four walls. When the time comes to look for something new – being presented with just four walls can be overwhelming. That's why, partnering with Gryd, we have developed Space Designer & 3D V-Commerce Tours - to help movers find and envision their next space to create a home. We hope these tools make the process of relocation a little more fun and a little less stressful by providing a close to real life experience through 3D virtual tours with real-world furniture and customizable, pre-staged floor plans." said Dan Gange, EQ3's Director of E-commerce.
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Friday Sep 23, 2022

WGAN List: Matterport Service Providers (MSPs) with Matterport Pro3 Camera or Leica BLK360 ScannerHi All,Companies such as IFTI/PROvision Solutions seek Matterport Services Providers (MSPs) that have at least one:1. Matterport Pro3 Camera, or2. Leica BLK360 Scanner/Camera (1st or 2nd generation)To help make it easier for companies like IFTI/PROvision Solutions to find MSPs with Matterport digital twin compatible LiDAR scanners, We Get Around Network created this list.Have you ordered a Matterport Pro3 Camera, Matterport Pro3 Acceleration Kit or Leica BLK360 Scanner/Camera and expect to receive it within 30 days? That's okay. Please complete this WGAN Forum.In addition to companies like IFTI/PROvision Solutions, I anticipate more and more companies -- with locations across the United States and around the globe -- will be seeking MSPs - with a LiDAR camera - that can do:1. As-Builts2. Elevations3. Construction Documentation4. Outdoor Scanning5. Tall ceilings6. Facilities ManagementIt's free to get on the WGAN List. You just need to be a WGAN Forum Member (Join).----Are you a MSP with Matterport Pro3 Cameras in MULTIPLE MARKETS?Please complete one form for EACH MARKET that you cover.----Best,Dan SmigrodFounder and Managing EditorWe Get Around Network Forum | WGAN-TV PodcastAtlanta, Georgia USADanSmigrod@WeGetAroundNetwork.comP.S. Not yet a WGAN Forum Member? It's free! Join here: www.JoinWGAN.com

Wednesday Sep 21, 2022

The following Robotic Imaging blog post by Robotic Imaging Chief Marketing Officer Natalie Perri is reprinted with the permission of Robotic Imaging. www.RoboticImaging.com 
Robotic Imaging: LiDAR Scanning’s Role in Historic Preservation
With multiple firms and organizations dedicated to preserving historic architectural sites, new technological developments play a critical role in how this industry preserves these special spaces. Laser scanning and its new expansive developments, is unquestionably the most exciting and opportunistic aspect of historic preservation.
Laser scanning has quickly become a critical key tool to document and later analyze and preserve historic sites for future generations to enjoy. Naturally, the structural integrity of buildings tend to degrade over time. Preserving historic buildings always has unpredictable risks. But, through detailed data sets, produced by point cloud data extracted from an initial laser scan, these sites can better be restored and foresee potential issues.
Unfortunately, some historical sites have already perished. LiDAR technology and laser scanning can work beyond restoration work. Point cloud data can be used to recreate and reconstruct an original environment. People would have the capability to experience a site as it formerly was.
Understanding the Term LiDAR
"Light detection and ranging" or "laser imaging, detection, and ranging," is in short referred as LiDAR which clearly explains itself as a tool that releases pulsed light waves. The sensor catches the waves that bounce off objects and return. The distance traveled by each pulse is calculated by the sensor using the time taken by each pulse to return.
After being repeated millions of times per second, ultimately a real-time 3D image of the target is created. Being one of the most revolutionary techniques in current times, it is being used in multiple fields, including agriculture, archeology, autonomous vehicles, navigation and astronomy.
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Monday Sep 19, 2022

The following Robotic Imaging blog post by Robotic Imaging Chief Marketing Officer Natalie Perri is reprinted with the permission of Robotic Imaging. www.RoboticImaging.comHow Can 3D Laser Scanning Help You?Looking to save time, energy, and money? Here’s the ultimate scanning guide of everything you need to know about 3D laser scanning in construction. Every Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) professional would significantly benefit from 3D laser scanning services. The use of laser scanning has slowly taken over the AEC industry. With the integration of BIM software and 3D scanning services, it seems like the perfect solution for many problems encountered in the profession.As every AEC professional knows, accurate as-built building information is critical to any project’s success. This information extracted from a 3D laser scanning service helps all parties involved significantly expedite the design processes, as it uses highly accurate, baseline information. It’s even able to reduce rework/change orders, as it’s able to detect clashes. It keeps projects on schedule and saves significant time and money.3D Scanning in ConstructionReal estate 3D scanning services capture a three-dimensional image of an object in the form of a point cloud. Shape components are recorded, as millions of digital points are virtually plotted, generating a point cloud. After the scan on site is complete, the point cloud data extracted is translated into a 2D or 3D format, depending on the clients’ needs.BIM, an acronym for Building Information Modeling, is a modern approach to architectural design where a 3D model facilitates the construction process for design efficiency. Architectural BIM Modeling makes it possible to visualize a building and foresee its appearance before the construction, thus, allowing for improved decision-making on the project.Majority of firms in the AEC industry opt to use BIM programs, like AutoDesk Revit, for their projects. After the site is scanned, the data is registered and then detailed. The point cloud generated serves as an underlay for an as-built BIM.The latest advancement in 3D scanning technology is becoming more accessible everywhere. They’re already becoming critical tools for construction companies. Integrating a scan-to-BIM service provider, like Robotic Imaging, guarantees more efficiency and faster decision making. AEC professionals are better equipped to handle whatever conflict arises in these projects.
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Friday Sep 16, 2022

Redfin Reports Nearly One-Third of U.S. Homes Are Bought With Cash, Well Above Pre-Pandemic LevelsFor buyers taking out loans, the share of homes purchased using FHA and VA loans are both up slightly from record lows as the market cools downSEATTLE--Friday, September 16, 2022 -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- (NASDAQ: RDFN) — Nearly one-third (31.4%) of U.S. home purchases were paid for with all cash in July, according to a new report from Redfin (www.redfin.com), the technology-powered real estate brokerage. That’s near the eight-year high reached in February and up from 27.5% a year earlier. The share of all-cash purchases jumped in early 2021 during the pandemic-driven homebuying frenzy and has remained elevated since then.All-cash purchases are prevalent with today’s affluent buyers largely because mortgage rates have doubled from a year ago, reaching 6% in mid-September. Buyers who don’t use loans avoid high interest payments that exacerbate home prices, which remain near record highs even as the housing market slows.All-cash purchases jumped in popularity last year because they allowed buyers to stand out among fierce competition: Bidding-war rates reached record highs in early 2021 due to sub-3% mortgage rates and remote work driving homebuyer demand. Remote work has also given more Americans the option to use all cash, as it allowed a record share of homebuyers to relocate, often from expensive to affordable parts of the country. U.S. home values have skyrocketed since the start of the pandemic, which means Americans who sell a home in a pricey place like San Francisco may use equity to pay cash in a more affordable area like Las Vegas.Investors are also contributing to the all-cash boom. Real estate investors bought up a record share of the U.S. housing stock in the fourth quarter of last year, and their share has remained above pre-pandemic levels since then. About three-quarters of investor home purchases are made with cash.
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Thursday Sep 15, 2022

1. What is the Urbanimmersive Franchise Network?2. What are the 8 reasons real estate photographers should join the Urbanimmersive Franchise Network?Watch WGAN-TV Live at 5 on Thursday, 15 September 2022 when my guest will be Urbanimmersive VP, Business Development and Partnerships François-Hugues Liberge :WGAN-TV | 8 Reasons Real Estate Photographers Should Join the Urbanimmersive Franchise NetworkI will ask François to elaborate on these eight (8) reasons rReal estate photographers should join the Urbanimmersive Franchise Network:1. Focus on what you love2. Join a national group while keeping your own identify3. Get preferred pricing on Urbanimmersive services4. Create recurring revenue streams5. Get help with your marketing6. Protect your clients7. Receive potential orders from national accounts8. Help you with taking care of your customer service
To get up-to-speed on Urbanimmersive services, watch this WGAN-TV Live at 5 show that aired live on Thursday, 9 June 2022:

Wednesday Sep 14, 2022

SAINT-HUBERT, Quebec, Thursday, September 1, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Urbanimmersive Inc. (“Urbanimmersive,” the “Company” or “UI”) (TSV-V UI) (OTCQB: UBMRF) is proud to announce the launch of a franchise program for its 3D photography solutions.This franchise program fits with the Company's accelerated growth plan announced in June 2021 aimed at expanding the Company's activities more quickly and increasing the adoption of its technological solutions for all photographers. This program therefore complements the strategy of acquiring well-established real estate photography agencies in selected territories in North America with the goal of integrating Company’s SaaS products to 2D/3D photography services offered, and which has already resulted in the acquisition of not less than 8 real estate photography agencies over the last 15 months (corporate franchises) and which should continue in the future, in addition to the sale of franchises, given the successful integration of those businesses acquired so far.The franchise program is particularly aimed at full-time photographers working alone or with a small team and who wish to:1. differentiate themselves by offering to their clients innovative value-added 3D technological solutions while having access to a state-of-the-art photography management platform ('ERP'), including online ordering and instant appointment booking, as well as additional internal services offered ‘à la carte’ for the creation of floor plans and photo editing2. obtaining support for administration, customer service, marketing and sales, so that photographers can devote all their time to what they do best and where their interests are, which is photography. Urbanimmersive offers many tools that franchisees will benefit from including the photography including:1. the ERP platform2. a route optimization system3. a fully-automated payroll system4. single property websites5. 3D tours6. 2D and 3D floor plans7. 3D photography equipment offered at low cost
Urbanimmersive media release continues in the We Get Around Network Forum (www.WGANForum.com).

Wednesday Sep 14, 2022

The following Robotic Imaging blog post by Robotic Imaging Chief Marketing Officer Natalie Perri is reprinted with the permission of Robotic Imaging. www.RoboticImaging.comRobotic Imaging: The Complete Scan-to-BIM ProcessScan-to-BIM is a process that makes use of cutting-edge technologies like 3D laser scanning, and high-definition photogrammetry for the purpose of creating a BIM model of a building or existing space.The result of a digital survey that has been processed by particular software is a point cloud or 3D mesh, which is a collection of points arranged in three dimensions. A BIM modeling program can be used to import the point cloud and create digital models of the existing structure.The process of Scan-to-BIM is divided into 6 main steps. Let's discuss all of these.Suggested reading: If you want to learn more about best scanning practices, check out this article.Step 1: Identifying The Information RequiredWhenever we plan to do something, our first step is always to identify the type of information which is required. The Scan-to-BIM process is no exception. You must specify your scope of work (SOW) and the manner in which you will use the 3D BIM model if you intend to use Scan-to-BIM. The level of detail (LOD) of 100 - 500 must be selected for your model in order to guarantee that it is accurate. At this particular stage, you must identify the following:1. Scope of work (SOW)2. Deliverable formats3. Level of Detail (LOD)4. The QC process5. Purpose of using the modelStep 2: Scan PlanningThe next step is scan planning, when parameters are set before obtaining a 3D scan. Due to the fact that it is challenging to identify building design documentation that has already been completed, optimizing the scanning parameters may be useful. It also entails determining all the attributes required for scanning. Following are some of the important parameters:1. Space resolution2. Accuracy3. Coverage4. Location5. Angular resolutionStep 3: Point Cloud ScanningA "point" designates where this surface is in connection to the 3D laser scanner. These points are all added together to create a single, incredibly precise image known as a point cloud. Multiple point cloud scans are used in order to create an accurate and precise digital image of a structure or a building using well-known laser scanning equipment. A few of these may include Leica, Faro, Riegl, and Trimble. A thorough outlook of the structure is provided by the point cloud scan, guaranteeing the accuracy of the representation.Step 4: Registration: Decrypting The Point Cloud DataIn step 4, BIM software such as Autodesk ReCap receives point clouds from the building's scan and inputs them. Through team collaboration and the use of real-world data, a point cloud or mesh is created in support of BIM processes utilizing images that have been imported into ReCap along with laser scans. This point cloud or mesh is then made available to support a variety of use cases in the AEC sector.Step 5: 3D BIM ModelingAt this stage, real-world point clouds are converted into digital representations of the project in 3D BIM modeling. Starting with the point cloud scan verification and file insertion in Revit, a series of processes must be used to model the point cloud scan. An as-built 3D BIM model is produced with the help of point cloud scan data that can ultimately be used for the building's renovation as well as reconstruction.Step 6: Quality ControlAt this last step, when projects are being checked, the use of Scan-to-BIM Revit plugins is made in order to verify the standard of these projects. A scan-to-BIM checklist is utilized for the purpose of evaluating the quality of a 3D BIM model. Revit section views can be utilized in order to look for design deviations. This makes it easier to find MEP clashes and coordinate between trades, which can be further utilized to gauge inconsistencies and differences.Now, you might be thinking this is a long and laborious process. What are the true benefits for opting for a Scan-to-BIM method instead of the traditional methods?If you didn't get our point, don't worry because we are about to discuss the top four benefits of 3D laser scanning services offered by Robotic Imaging for architects so that you can have a clear understanding. Here are the benefits that you as an architect can get with the 3D laser scan services.1. High Scan AccuracyWe all know that in every industry, there are chances that humans can impact the world accuracy of industrial processes. However, that is not a problem with 3D laser scan services offered by Robotic Imaging because it doesn't require any human interpretation or input. And because of that, there is almost no room for error, which makes an architect extremely confident about their designs.2. Less Time ConsumptionThe best part about using 3D laser scan services for architectural procedures is that you get real-time data from a million points that you can use to collectively create a point cloud. You do not need to measure such a space manually, and you can also convert it into an RCP file for your clients. The virtual point cloud information can be quickly pulled up, hence digitizing the whole process.3. Cost EffectivenessCost-effectiveness is one of the main benefits of using 3D laser scan services offered by Robotic Imaging because the data gathered through laser scanning tells you everything prior to making architectural decisions. And because you know everything beforehand, you don’t make design decision mistakes which saves a lot of your money. Otherwise, the rework costs are too high that you might not want to pay, so it's good to stay cautious.4. Local Service ProviderA few years ago, 3D laser scanning was not a common process. However, now there are so many local laser scan service providers, so you have to be very careful while selecting the company you want to work with. Robotic Imaging offers the most affordable rates, even for the most high-quality scans. So feel free to reach out to us so that we can discuss your project in detail and help you accordingly.Using our laser scan-to-BIM services, architects can make buildings efficient and give a better understanding of their vision to the clients. So, if you still haven't explored the wonders of 3D laser technology, contact our team, and end your curiosity.Source: This Robotic Imaging blog post by Robotic Imaging Chief Marketing Officer Natalie Perri is reprinted with the permission of Robotic Imaging. www.RoboticImaging.com

Thursday Sep 08, 2022

What can you do to help Ukraine?Find out on WGAN-TV Live at 5 on Thursday, 8 September 2022:✓ WGAN-TV | Ukrainian Congress Committee of America Georgia Branch Initiatives to Help UkraineMy guest will be Ukrainian Congress Committee of America Georgia Branch Board Member and President Nataliia Onyskiv.Among my questions: What can we do to help Ukraine? (where ever you are!)(If you follow me on Facebook, you likely have noticed that I am a volunteer photographer for Ukrainian events in the greater Atlanta area and I create/like/share many social media posts about Ukrainian: particularly related to Ukrainian events in Atlanta.)Examples of My Volunteer Photos/Video Shoots1. UCCA-GA-Everything will be Ukraine Concert2. UCCA-Georgia Branch at Decatur Arts Festival3. Atlanta | War is Not Over Rally4. Ukraine | An American and Ukrainian Patriotic Program5. Stand With Ukraine-The International Night Market Atlanta in Roswell, GeorgiaI also shoot 360 virtual tours - and 360 video - to help amplify the Ukrainian story:✓ Everything will be Ukraine Concert✓ Stand With Ukraine Rally in Atlanta on Saturday, 5 March 2022(You do not need to be Ukrainian to help amplify the story in your market.)

Thursday Sep 01, 2022

Commentary and Analysis by
Dan Smigrod
Founder and Managing Editor
We Get Around Network Forum
WGAN-TV Live at 5
WGAN-TV Training U (in Matterport)
Matterport hit a grand slam home run with the design, build, distribution and pricing of the Matterport Pro3 Camera for Matterporters around the globe.
The Matterport Pro3 Camera solves 10 problems and enables at least five new use cases for Matterport Service Providers (MSPs). 
While the Leica BLK360 image laser scanner paired with the Matterport Capture app solves most of the following challenges with its LiDAR scanning tech for capturing spatial data (versus the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera’s structured light tech), the BLK360 $20,400 starting price – versus the Pro3 $5,995 starting price – is simply too high (and capturing spatial data too slow) to scale a global network of Matterporters with the necessary image laser scanner required for scanning much of the built world. 
Until the Pro3 announcement on August 30, 2022, that was a big-big-big problem for Matterport.
Given Matterport’s ambitious plans for its Matterport Capture Services On-Demand program - now in 150 plus cities among seven countries – and the challenges of the Pro2 and BLK360, my only surprise about the Pro3 is that it took Matterport so long to introduce it. For more on this topic, please see my post in the We Get Around Network Forum in January 2022: Why Matterport will Build and Sell a Leica BLK360 Clone for Less Than $7,500.
Unlike Leica that likely needs to make a profit on each BLK360 LiDAR scanner sold, I could imagine that Matterport is uniquely positioned with the Pro3 to sell at or near cost because Matterport has additional fly-wheel revenue stream opportunities from scanning spaces, including:
[We Get Around Network Forum Founder and Managing Editor Dan Smigrod's Commentary and Analysis continues in the We Get Around Network Forum (www.WGANForum.com).

Tuesday Aug 30, 2022

Matterport Reinvents the Digital Twin with the Revolutionary Pro3 Camera and New Cloud PlatformBreakthrough innovations in 3D capture technology and AI-powered digital twin software create new ways for enterprises to market and manage properties digitallySUNNYVALE, California, Tuesday, August 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Matterport, Inc. (Nasdaq: MTTR), today introduced the all-new Matterport Pro3 Camera along with major updates to its industry-leading digital twin cloud platform. The Pro3 is a breakthrough in 3D capture technology, ready to digitize every aspect of the physical world, indoors and outdoors. Matterport’s next generation digital twin platform builds on the company’s groundbreaking immersive virtual experiences to enable advanced workgroup collaboration and productivity, delivering cost savings and revenue growth for organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to global enterprises.These new offerings arrive as global demand for digital twins – visually immersive, interactive 3D models of buildings and spaces – continues to rise. Forrester Research reports 55% of global software technology decision makers are already adopting digital twins1. As an industry leader, Matterport saw 52% growth in total subscribers in the second quarter [2022] compared to the year ago period, and already serves 23% of the Fortune 1000 with its digital twin platform.“Today marks a pivotal breakthrough in 3D technology with the introduction of the most powerful products Matterport has ever created," said RJ Pittman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Matterport. "Our new Pro3 camera and cloud platform create some of the world's most accurate, immersive and stunning digital twins. The opportunity has never been greater for companies to embrace the power of Matterport digital twins to transform their business."
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Monday Aug 29, 2022

Are you wondering:1. how to seamlessly integrate Matterport + Shopify or Matterport + WooCommerce?2. how to enhance brand identity, with customized menus, MatterTags and billboards?3. how to add interactive design elements for marketing events that include gamification, virtual staging or live streaming?Watch WGAN-TV Live at 5 on Thursday, 25 August 2022 when my guests will be:1. L2VR.co Business Development Kelly Zhang (@l2iot) and2. L2VR.co General Administration Danny NgKelly and Danny will demo and discuss how L2VR.co can help you with their official Matterport Partner eCommerce integrations.If you need custom integration (development) of Matterport + eCommerce, L2vc.co can help you with that as well (and demonstrate a couple of high-end eCommerce integrations showing that!You can sign-up for a 14-day free trial at: www.L2vr.co and/or email: support@L2vr.coBest,Dan---About L2 (Info Provided by L2)Value-added Service for your Matterport SpacesL2 is a virtual tour solutions provider, dedicated to 3D reality creation and virtual experience application development. L2 provides online and offline solutions, including:✓ service robot customization✓ VR/AR applications✓ tailor-made brand experience✓ And more!L2 serves users in more than 30 countries.The services provided by L2 include:✓ 3D panoramic scanning✓ interactive game experience design✓ 3D navigation✓ online location-based services in virtual space✓ 3D furniture display✓ service robot integration✓ user browsing data analysisL2's unique 3D navigation service is applicable for:✓ large shopping malls✓ hotels✓ museums✓ other large complexesFeatures of virtual tour also include:✓ virtual staging✓ gamification✓ synchronized guided tour✓ multi-language audio tour✓ e-commerce shop integration✓ 3D space web design customizationPlease visit L2VR.co for more information and sign up for 14-day Free Trial.L2 is an official Matterport Partner.

Tuesday Aug 23, 2022

Matterport and North Carolina Regional MLS Pioneer the Industry’s First MLS Virtual Showing Service SystemNorth Carolina Regional MLS is integrating Matterport’s Digital Twin Platform to provide a more streamlined, virtual homebuying process for buyers, sellers, and RealtorsSUNNYVALE, California, August 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Matterport, Inc. (Nasdaq: MTTR), the leading spatial data company driving the digital transformation of the built world, today announced a partnership with North Carolina Regional MLS (NCRMLS), one of the largest and most recognized Multiple Listing Services in North Carolina. Through the partnership, NCRMLS will integrate the Matterport Digital Twin Platform with its new showing management system, BrokerBay. The collaboration enables Realtors served by the NCRMLS to host virtual tours and open houses, streamlining the homebuying process for Realtors, as well as their buyers and sellers.“Adding a virtual tour feature is vital when working with remote buyers, who are able to prescreen a home’s look, feel, and layout,” said Patrick LaJeunesse, Director of Marketing at NCRMLS. “Today’s homebuying experience has shifted, and we’re thrilled to be integrating Matterport’s Digital Twin Platform to enable Realtors to conduct more productive showings with qualified buyers. The partnership between Matterport and NCRMLS is the industry’s first MLS Virtual Showing Service system.”Realtors can schedule and invite clients to meet virtually within a property’s Matterport digital twin, live chat with clients from around the world, and conduct virtual open houses and walkthroughs. Matterport’s Digital Twin Platform powers 3D tours, room dimensions, and accurate floor plans that provides potential buyers with a clear understanding of a home’s space and allows Realtors to reach more out-of-town homebuyers who may not yet live in the local market. A recent study by Matterport surveyed U.S. homeowners who purchased their home in the last two years and found that 34 percent relocated more than 50 miles away from their previous residence.
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Monday Aug 22, 2022

magine architects, engineers and construction contractors meeting, presenting and collaborating inside of a BIM model: a space that does not (yet) exist.Watch WGAN-TV Live at 5 on Thursday, 18 August 2022 for:=> WGAN-TV | AEC Team Meetings Inside Your BIM Models, powered by SuperVizMy guests will be:1. SuperViz Co-Founder and CEO Russ Rive and2. SuperViz Head of Sales Marcelo FrancoRuss and Macelo will demo how an AEC team can meet inside of a:1. BIM model2. CAD file (such as Revit, SketchUp and SketchFab)Topics Include1. Save Time and Increase Engagement - SuperViz supports BIM remote collaboration with integrated immersive video conferencing in browsers with no downloads and just a couple clicks2. Share pre-build designs - Share your SuperViz link with collaborators and ‘teleport’ them to meet inside your project.3. Access 3D tools during meetings - Includes Wireframes, Floor Plan, Reset View and Measurement Ruler.4. Make meetings efficient - Shared view options and avatars ensure everyone’s on the same page during virtual discussions.5. Empower your team’s decision-making process6. Anticipate decisions and avoid rework7. Meet, record and shareNote: Russ and Marcelo were my guests on WGAN-TV Live at 5 that aired on Thursday, 30 June 2022 for the show (below):=> WGAN-TV | Meet, Present and Collaborate Inside Your Matterport Tours powered by SuperVizWant to get started with SuperViz today?1. Start a 14-Day Free Trial2. Schedule a SuperViz Demo3. SuperViz Pricing (scroll down)Questions that I should ask Russ and Marcelo?Best,DanSuperViz Links1. SuperViz website2. SuperViz on LinkedIn3. SuperViz Co-Founder and CEO Russ Rive on LinkedIn4. SuperViz YouTube Channel5. SuperViz Direction of Marketing Áine Kmen (@AineSuperViz)6. SuperViz Head of Sales & Customer Success Marcelo Franco 

Thursday Aug 18, 2022

Matterport Partners with Technology Distributor TD SYNNEX to Integrate 3D Digital Twin Platform Across Network of 150,000 ResellersPartnership with leading enterprise technology distributor aims to capture North American property market of nearly 1 billion spacesSUNNYVALE, Calif., Thursday, August 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Matterport, Inc. (Nasdaq: MTTR), the leading spatial data company driving the digital transformation of the built world, today announced that it is expanding its presence in the North American market, joining forces with TD SYNNEX (NYSE: SNX) as a key distributor of Matterport solutions. TD SYNNEX has a large reseller network of 150,000 that service industries including the technology sector, government agencies, and more.These resellers and their sales teams will now offer Matterport’s industry leading technology to their customers to help deliver the value of digital twins to their business. The partnership with TD SYNNEX marks a significant opportunity for Matterport to reach more large enterprises as the company continues to drive adoption of the technology across industries including commercial and residential real estate, facilities management, construction, and the retail sector.TD SYNNEX is a leading distributor and IT solution aggregator headquartered in Clearwater, Florida, and Fremont, California with a workforce of 22,000 supporting over 150,000 customers. With this partnership, Matterport joins more than 1,500 best-in-class technology vendors in TD SYNNEX’s portfolio which focus on high-growth technology segments including cloud, cybersecurity, big data and analytics, IoT, mobility, and everything-as-a-service.“The demand for 3D digital twins continues to surge, and more and more companies have come to understand the power digital twins bring when optimizing operations, fostering remote collaboration, all while having the potential to drive down their business costs,” said Scott C. Barker, Senior Vice President, Print Solutions, TD SYNNEX. “We’re thrilled to bring Matterport to our customers to serve this surging demand.”
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Thursday Aug 11, 2022

1. Do you need dozens (or hundreds) of Matterport digital twin scanned across the U.S., Canada, Europe and/or Asia?2. Are you seeking one company/one invoice/one point of contact for all your Matterport digital twin scanning?3. Do you need Matterport digital twins captured with a Matterport Pro 3D Camera or a LiDAR scanner/camera?On Thursday, 11 August 2022, my guest will be IFTI/PROvision Solutions Vice President of Business Development James Duffy for this WGAN-TV Live at Noon ET show:=> WGAN-TV | IFTI/PROvision Solutions: Ordering Matterport Digital Twins GloballyDiscussion Includes1. About IFTI/PROvision Solutions2. How IFTI/PROvision Solutions began offering Matterport scanning at scale3. IFTI/PROvision Solutions sweet spots4. Category Examples: Retail, hospitality, fast good, retail chains, senior living, gas stations5. Client Examples: Wendy’s, L'Occitane, Jamba Juice, Arby’s, Buckle, Chilis, Dollar Tree, Fresenius, Heartland Dental, Walgreens, US Bank6. Use-Case Examples: As-Builts, Construction Documentation, Facilities Management, Visual Merchandising, Store Remodels, retail facilities7. Phases: Plan / Build / Operate / Optimize8. Case Studies: As-Builts | Weekly Construction Documentation | Facilities Management9. Matterport Add Ons: Floor Plans, Single Property Websites, DSLR photos, Leica BLK360 scansHow to reach James Duffy:✓ 1-800-490-3657✓ James.Duffy@ifti.com✓ IFTI/PROvision Solutions✓ Request a IFTI/PROvision Solutions Demo with James DuffyQuestions that I should ask James during this WGAN-TV Live at 5 show?Best,DanWho is IFTI/PROvision SolutionsIFTI/PROvision Solutions is national service agency providing Matterport scanning at scale, anywhere in North America (and, internationally).IFTI started out 20+ years ago in the construction industry as a provider of independent concrete slab moisture testing. Over the years, IFTI has developed a reputation for providing reliable information and expert solutions at scale for any number of projects and/or locations across the country.IFTI applies this same processes to Matterport digital twins to begin providing our customers with better visibility into their commercial spaces, along with:✓ as-built floor plans✓ weekly or monthly construction progress documentation✓ facilities management✓ site surveys / store remodels✓ visual merchandising✓ and moreUltimately, IFTI/PROvision Solutions goal is to educate and drive up the value of Matterport scanning (and thus drive up the market rates for Matterport Service Partners) in the AEC space because prices have been anchored at low amounts by the fact that this technology was initially intended for smaller, non-commercial spaces.Matterport Scanning at Scale | One Point of Contact | One Quote | One Invoice

Thursday Aug 11, 2022

Leaked: Matterport Pro3 LiDAR Camera/Scanner 1st Reported by WGAN Forum Member @RealityMediaMixMatterport Reseller Likely Jumps the Gun; Matterport Pro3 Page Removed from Reseller's WebsiteHi All,According to the now-removed webpage for the Matterport Pro3 LiDAR Scanner/Camera is: "The best priced 3D Camera to provide speedy capture and accelerate project completion with ease."Here are the specs, according to the now removed webpage.1. Outdoor Capture - Scans indoor and outdoor to capture entire properties in a single, high-quality model – even in full sunlight.2. Long Range – Long-range performance allows for better, easier scanning of expansive spaces.3. Dependable Accuracy – High accuracy laser scanner provides more precise measurements and higher fidelity 3D models.4. Fast Scans – Faster scan times combined with greater scan range results in significant time-savings for larger properties. Scan 4X faster in extra large spaces and outdoor.5. Professional Imagery – Professional photo resolution and color quality with unlimited 4K print quality photography.6. The Best Price-Performance Mix – a fraction of the price of similarly-performing capture devices.7. High Accuracy (0.2% devision) plus or minus 20mm (Pro2 deviation plus or minus 1%)8. Sensor Range – 20 meters (66 feet) (Pro2 4.5 meters: 15 feet)Since Matterport did its 2Q22 Fiscal Results announcement yesterday – Wednesday, 10 August 2022 – that might have been a time to make this Matterport Pro3 LiDAR Scanner/Camera announcement.So, I could imagine that the earliest that the Matterport Pro3 LiDAR Camera/Scanner will be announced will be Monday, August 15, 2022. That said, Matterport usually distributes their media releases on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.Your thoughts?Dan SmigrodFounder and Managing EditorWe Get Around Network Forumwww.WGANForum.com

Wednesday Aug 10, 2022

Matterport Announces Second Quarter 2022 Financial Results, with Stronger-than-Expected Subscription Revenue and Non-GAAP EPS1. Subscription revenue rose 20% year-over-year, above Company guidance2. Services revenue increased 74% year-over-year3. Q2 GAAP loss per share of $0.234. Non-GAAP loss per share of $0.12, better than Company guidance5. Matterport increases full year revenue guidance range to $132 to $138 million, narrows full year guidance range for non-GAAP loss per share to $0.46 to $0.506. Balance sheet remains strong with $562 million cash and investments and no debtSUNNYVALE, California, Wednesday, August 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Matterport, Inc. (Nasdaq: MTTR) (“Matterport” or the “Company”), the leading spatial data company driving the digital transformation of the built world, today announced financial results for the quarter ended June 30, 2022.“We delivered another strong quarter, increasing our subscriber count by 52% to 616,000 subscribers. We expanded Spaces Under Management by 44% to over 8 million spaces,” said RJ Pittman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Matterport. “We continue to see strength in our enterprise subscriber base, and believe that customers who adopt digital twins will realize increased revenues and lower their operating costs, gaining a powerful advantage in any economic environment. Our laser focus on delivering measurable customer value for large enterprises and small businesses alike is fueling our growth and scaling our platform. Our recent acquisition of VHT Studios extends our offering to satisfy the growing demand for digital twins and integrated marketing solutions for the residential, commercial and hospitality real estate industries,” Pittman added.
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Thursday Jul 28, 2022

SIMLAB has updated nine plus (9+) features in SIMLAB STAGES to help communicate and manage commercial construction and renovation (AEC) projects.On WGAN-TV Live at 5 on Thursday, 28 July 2022, my guest will be SIMLAB Founder and CEO Marek Koźlak, PhD Eng. (@SIMLAB) whom will demo:✓ 9+ SIMLAB STAGES Updates for Matterport Digital Twin Integrations for AEC1. Matterport Mattertag importer is now ready2. Brush Tool Kit for adding comments to Screenshots3. Email notifications for notes and their status change4. High, Medium and Low quality switch for 3D models (Desktop)5. Project location by integration with Google Maps 6. Transfer of notes between stages (Web & Desktop) 7. Custom Branding8. Value-Added Reseller of SIMLAB STAGES9. Freemium10. Public demos
Best,DanSIMLAB Links✓ SIMLAB website✓ SIMLAB STAGES micro-site✓ SIMLAB YouTube Channel✓ SIMLAB Founder and CEO Marek Kozlak✓ WGAN Forum: @SIMLAB @Jedrzej---About SIMLAB STAGES (Info provided by SIMLAB)STAGES is a construction monitoring solution combined with a cross-sector communication platform that allows easy free viewing and comparison of sequential scans.A single platform to host multiple types of building representations including scan, CAD, and BIM to transparently compare at any point in time are helpful as a permanent record of foundation placement, framing completion, mechanical installation, pre-drywall, and owner turnover.An entire team is able to remotely monitor progress from anywhere.STAGES gives everyone tools to post an issue, add audio, brush and picture notes, and resolve the issue. The complete history is saved within STAGES.This allows variances from plan to field to be controlled, tracked and resolved. Regardless of a newly constructed facility or renovation, the stored views are permanently available for reference.STAGES allows to:• 2D PDF and CAD plans, and/or 3D BIM model to be viewed simultaneously with any scan stage.• easily combine and overlay IFC, BIM models, Matterport Scans, OBJ, PDF blueprints, and FBX scans into a single viewer.• step through the timeline to explore the building from any viewpoint. Easily validate property condition at any point in time.

Thursday Jul 28, 2022

Matterport Partners with Burns & McDonnell to Help Energy, Utilities, and Manufacturing Industries Save Time and Money with Digital TwinsBurns & McDonnell is using Matterport’s Digital Twin Platform to help customers reduce average project schedules by 30 percent and eliminate travel by 80 percentSUNNYVALE, California, Thursday, July 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Matterport, Inc. (Nasdaq: MTTR), the leading spatial data company driving the digital transformation of the built world, today announced a partnership with Burns & McDonnell, an engineering, construction and architecture firm providing services for critical infrastructure companies.Through the partnership, Burns & McDonnell customers can use the Matterport Digital Twin Platform, including software services and hardware, to optimize construction expansion and maintenance projects.The collaboration equips businesses in the energy, utilities, and manufacturing industries with a continuous digital, visual documentation solution that improves operations, enhances collaboration, and increases safety in each project stage.“From a project’s design to construction phase, Matterport digital twins unlock unparalleled efficiencies across our customer projects,” said Teddy Menke, Product Manager of Burns & McDonnell. “With access to Matterport’s hardware to capture digital twins and spatial data, our entire customer ecosystem can optimize the documentation process, collaborate more efficiently, and improve worksite safety across all project stages. Recently, Burns & McDonnell won the UTC IMPACT award for our innovative approach, where we showcased how we successfully leveraged the Matterport platform to execute a multi-year, multi-state effort to replace a telecom network for Southern Company, a leading US-based energy company.”The partnership with Burns & McDonnell enables our joint customers to seamlessly access and manage 3D digital twins of their facilities, complete with 4K imagery and accurate measurements to help develop construction plans. Using digital twins helps clients eliminate the time spent manually measuring a facility, reduces the time it takes to document existing facilities, and helps avoid facility interruptions so design work continues while a facility operates.With Matterport, Burns & McDonnell provides digital twin management and solutions that have helped its customer base, including Central Lincoln People’s Utility District (CLPUD), an electric utility company based in Oregon that services roughly 55,000 customers. Since leveraging the Matterport platform starting in 2018, CLPUD has seen success in decreasing costly employee travel, increasing collaboration across teams while eliminating the need for over 250 expensive repeat site visits to 45 different facilities, allowing them to complete their projects under budget and on time.
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Thursday Jul 21, 2022

1. Are you seeking robust data analytics for Matterport digital twins and Mattertags?2. Are you seeking insights that allow you to understand your customers better?3. Do you want to be able to better understand how visitors to Matterport tours interact with your models?4. Wondering what the demographics are of your Matterport tour visitors?5. Wondering how to schedule and share reports with stakeholders easily and efficiently?My guest on WGAN-TV Live at 5 on Thursday, 21 July 2022 is Matterport Partner Mattertaffic CTO and Founder Diego Orofino (@mattertraffic).Diego will demo and discuss all this and more on:✓ WGAN-TV Live at 5 | Intro to Mattertraffic for Real-Time, In-Depth Matterport Stats(Diego is also runs a long-time New York City-based Matterport Service Provider business: RealVirtualZone)Diego will do a deep-dive demo of Mattertraffic that includes:1. Mattertraffic Real-Time Traffic (Matterport digital twin and Matterport Mattertags)2. Mattertraffic Granular Location Insights3. Mattertraffic Audience Demographics4. Mattertraffic Schedule Reports (automated delivery)5. Mattertraffic Shared Reports6. Mattertraffic Navigation Heatmaps (coming soon)7. Mattertraffic Matterport Mattertag statistics8. Mattertraffic implementation workflow9. Mattertraffic pricing10. What problems does Mattertraffic solve?11. What are the best use-cases for Mattertraffic?12. Why did you create Mattertraffic?13. Specific Mattertraffic implementation shopping/e-commerce conversion tracking examples?(such as Whirlpool example | Matterport Digital Twin | Adweek)14. Syncing15. Custom Links (sub-set of tour)16. Uses Cases: Retail | Real Estate | Hospitality/Travel (such as Museums)

Friday Jul 15, 2022

LCP Media needs hundreds of real estate photographers across the U.S. to shoot 360s of apartments for lease (and other spaces). If you shoot 3D/360 tours with a Ricoh Theta Z1 – or willing to buy a Ricoh Theta Z1 when you get an order, please complete this LCP Media form: www.LCPmedia.com/TourBuilderXPlus ...Watch WGAN-TV Live at 5 on Thursday, 14 July 2022:=> WGAN-TV | How to Make $$$$$ with TourBuilder 360 Hosting Platform powered by LCP MediaMy guest will be LCP Media (TourBuilder) Chief Executive Officer Wojciech Kalembasa (@TourBuilder) to show and tell us about the TourBuilder 360 Hosting Platform powered by LCP Media and about opportunities shooting 360s of apartments for lease (and other spaces) for LCP Media.Topics Include1. Sweet Spots for 5,000 properties already on TourBuilder, including:Multifamily (Example Tour)TourBuilder virtual tours are designed to enhance the apartment search. Whether paired with floor plans, videos, photography or site maps, these apartment virtual tours can truly upgrade the experience.Hospitality (Example Tour)Perfect for conference halls, hotels, wedding venues and even restaurants, our virtual tours elevate the hospitality experience by allowing guests to explore the venue digitally before booking.Senior LivingVirtual tours have become a a valuable tool for seniors and their families. Virtual tours help seniors and their families navigate the senior housing search with helpful imagery, videos, calls to action and more.Student Living (Example Tour)Students have a lot of options. By providing a virtual tour on your website, you can help student living prospects simplify their search at the website level and help them feel confident in their next home.Commercial Real Estate (Commercial Real Estate)Whether a large retail center, commercial office or co-working space, virtual tours help prospects get a feel for your floor plan and layout before choosing to buy, rent or even visit your property.HealthcareHospitals and healthcare businesses offer a lot of options, rooms and amenities. Help future patients feel at ease when choosing if your practice or hospital is right for their needs with a walk-through virtual tour.2. Demo: How to create a TourBuilder tour3. TourBuilder Kit4. TourBuilder Features-- Complete Customization-- Lead Generation-- Easy Sharing-- Powerful Analytics

Monday Jul 11, 2022

Asteroom Announces First of its Kind Data Capture Solution for Freddie Mac ACE+ PDRLaunching a national network for property condition reports, 3D tour technology brings lightning turnaround, industry-leading accuracy and a better borrower experience to property data collectionSan Francisco, California, Tuesday, July 5, 2022. PRNewswire. Asteroom Inc. today announced it will launch in August a nationwide service to capture property dimension and condition reports for Freddie Mac's ACE+ PDR offering which starts July 17th, 2022.Asteroom's solution expands upon its existing Desktop Appraisal Service for appraisal management companies and lenders. Their national network of over 5,000 trained and certified data collectors can document properties within one calendar day of an order being placed. Using proprietary 3D tour, floor plan, and mobile app technology, the service will deliver all required data for Freddie Mac's eligible property condition reports.Asteroom is the world's first 3D tour technology partner to offer property data collection services for Freddie Mac's ACE+ PDR offering, streamlining labor-intensive processes to boost efficiency while maintaining consistency, accuracy, and affordability.Dramatically reducing both on-site and delivery timelines, data collectors can scan the average 3,000 sqft property in just 40 minutes, with reports ready just 2-3 calendar days after order dates. Nationwide pricing is just $200 for properties up to 3,000 square feet.
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Friday Jul 08, 2022

Commentary and Analysis byDan SmigrodFounder and Managing EditorWe Get Around Network ForumWGAN-TV Live at 5WGAN-TV Training U (in Matterport)The Matterport acquisition of VHT Studios announced Thursday (7 July 2022), will have many in the We Get Around Network Forum community scratching their heads wondering what to make of this news.While there are at least two reasons that the Matterport acquisition of VHT Studios is a big, bold and brilliant move by Matterport (in the short term), unfortunately, there are nine reasons that this is a (very) bad strategy (in the long term).I could imagine that there are two reasons that Matterport decided to buy one of the largest residential real estate photography agencies in the United States:1. VHT Studios will not offer any of the 170+ other 3D/360 virtual tour platforms and software that compete with Matterport2. Matterport Capture Services On Demand to add all VHT Studios servicesWhile most Wall Street financial analysts that cover Matterport will likely reward Matterport for these two short-term sales growth strategies, in the long-term, investors will cringe for the following reasons:1. Matterport’s Sweet Spot is Spatial Data for Enterprise at Scale – The sweet spot for Matterport is spatial data for enterprise at scale. This is the single greatest use case for Matterport. The acquisition of VHT Studios by Matterport is off strategy.2. Matterport Continues to Compete with Its Real Estate Photographer Customers – When Matterport announced its plans for Matterport Capture Services On Demand, I wrote a 6-part series in the We Get Around Network Forum about why this was a bad idea (Parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6).I went into great detail about how and why Matterport Capture Services On Demand competes with its Matterport Service Providers (which is a significant marketing channel for Matterport).By offering Matterport exclusively via VHT Studios – and adding VHT Studio services to Matterport Capture Services On Demand, Matterport is competing with real estate photographers – customers of its Matterport Pro2 3D Camera and Matterport Cloud subscriptions.While Matterport will likely spin the story as more demand for real estate photographers to add Matterport, the reality is that VHT Studios and Matterport Capture Services On Demand will be low paying opportunities for real estate photographers that offer Matterport.
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Thursday Jul 07, 2022

If you are a Matterport Service Provider that is already scanning commercial buildings, this is a "must watch" episode of WGAN-TV (above) to see how you can get MORE Matterport scanning from your existing commercial building clients.
1. How do you use Aetos Imaging solutions to leverage Matterport digital twins to create GREEN commercial buildings faster and save money while helping the environment?2. How is Sustainable Investment Group (SIG) doing ASHRAE Energy Audits using Aetos Imaging solutions to leverage Matterport digital twins?3. How is the energy audit process being re-invented to help building owners and Facility Managers better understand an ASHRAE Energy Audit actionable insights to expedite the implementation of GREEN recommendations?On Thursday, 7 July 2022, my guests on WGAN-TV Live at 5 will be Aetos Imaging Co-Founder and President Connor Offutt | and Green Building Holdings [Sustainable Investment Group, LLC (SIG)] Head of Communications Brian Bollinger, CEM, LEED Green Association to discuss:WGAN-TV Aetos Imaging + Matterport Digital Twins = GREEN Commercial SpacesAmong the topics we will discuss is implementing ASHRAE Energy Audits using Aetos Imaging + Matterport Digital Twins for helping show and tell what and how to implementing GREEN changes to existing building systems to:1. Save Money2. Save Time3. Help the Environment4. Make it easier to understand for stakeholders (such as building owners and Facility Managers)---WHATASHRAE Energy Audit reports have become a box to check, often similar in look/feel from project to project. Aetos Imaging new offering utilizes Matterport digital twins to revolutionize energy audits and reporting.Instead of a too-often-ignored writeup, recipients can now view an interactive digital report of their space, down to the individual equipment components, allowing the visualization of Sustainable Investment Group’s (SIG) recommendations in their actual space, setting SIG apart from the rest of the Energy Audit provider market.HOWDuring the on-site audit walkthrough, we will bring a Matterport Pro2 3D Camera to capture an as-built of the client’s space.This Matterport digital twin will then be accessible via direct link. Our team will then go through the Matterport scan and “tag”, or mark up the space with notes and recommendations pertaining to the completed Energy Audit.Throughout the digital environment users will find detailed information overlaid on the corresponding equipment or area relating to the issue or opportunity.The report will contain a link and QR code to the digital report. Once the report is finished, our consultants will walk your team through all suggestions via an interactive video call. This state-of-the-art process brings traditional energy audits to the next level, allowing your team to more precisely implement changes to existing building systems.
P.S. Previous WGAN-TV show:=> WGAN-TV Podcast: Aetos Imaging for Commercial Property FM/Training using Matterport

Thursday Jul 07, 2022

Matterport Acquires VHT Studios to Accelerate Adoption of Digital Twins for Real EstateThe combined company expands Matterport Capture Services by bringing together the industry-best of Matterport digital twins and floor plans with professional photography, drone capture, and marketing servicesSunnyvale, California, Thursday, July 7, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Matterport, Inc. (“Matterport”) (Nasdaq: MTTR), the leading enterprise and real estate digital twin company driving the digital transformation of the built world, today announced the acquisition of VHT, Inc., known as VHT Studios, a U.S.-based real estate marketing company that offers brokerages and agents digital solutions to promote and sell properties. This transaction brings together VHT Studios’ visual media services with the immersive Matterport 3D Digital Twin platform to elevate the buying experience for home buyers while simplifying the process of creating comprehensive marketing packages for brokers and agents.With this acquisition, Matterport aims to increase adoption of digital twin technology and expand further into the real estate industry while adding marketing services for other key markets such as commercial real estate, travel and hospitality, and the retail sector.Matterport’s acquisition of VHT Studios provides real estate brokerages and their professionals access to an expanded selection of marketing services and expertise they need to effectively market and promote properties.These include high-end photography, drone imagery, floor plans, virtual tours, and other marketing services. When combined with Matterport digital twins and collaboration tools, the newly expanded solution not only helps brokerages and agents save time with an easy-to-order and comprehensive source for their digital marketing needs but also reduces their costs with comprehensive marketing packages along with flexible, optional add-ons. This all-in-one marketing solution provides one of the richest and most compelling digital experiences for property seekers and has been proven to drive increased sales for brokerages and agents.“We’re thrilled to welcome the VHT Studios team to Matterport along with the talent and industry expertise they bring,” said RJ Pittman, Chief Executive Officer at Matterport. “When we looked at VHT Studios and the work they do, it was a natural fit to unite our efforts to reimagine the fragmented process that was in place for brokers and agents to list properties, and prospective buyers to view them. We are not only excited for how we can transform the customer experience in the real estate industry, but also how we can apply VHT Studios’ expertise to our growing enterprise business as demand for digital twin technology continues to surge.”
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Thursday Jun 30, 2022

1. Do you have a need to meet, present and collaborate inside your Matterport digital twins with a senseof presence?2. Would you like to meet with multiple participates within a Matterport digital twin?3. Want to get started today?On Thursday, 30 June 2022, my guests on WGAN-TV Live at 5 [5 pm ET] are:1. SuperViz Co-Founder and CEO Russ Rive and2. SuperViz Head of Sales, marketing and Customer Success Marcelo FrancoRuss and Marcelo will show and tell about SuperViz: video conferencing designed from the ground up for spatial data.✓ WGAN-TV Live at 5 | Meet, Present and Collaborate Inside Your Matterport Tours powered by SuperVizIn addition to the demo, I will ask Russ and Marcelo about:1. Participants have independent camera views and freedom of movement in the Matterport digital twin, as if they were really walking around the project.2. Hosts can transport participants between Matterport spaces without changing meetings.3. Lasers, avatars, and mouse positions are visible to everyone for directing focus and discussion.4. Unique hover and click view options like follow-me, gather-all, and go-to allow for precise guidance of participants through the Matterport space.5. All integrations include a full-suite of video conferencing tools including record, screen share, and chat.6. Meeting set-up is instant with clickable links for participants.7. Accessible to everyone - All you need is a browser to meet face-to-face inside your Matterport digital twins. No downloads or software necessary. Guests don’t need an account or technical experience, they just click the shared link and join you inside the project.8. All-in-one pricing with unlimited meetings with up to 16 participants and simple set-up.9. SuperViz API and SDKWant to get started with SuperViz today?1. Start a 14-Day Free Trial2. Schedule a SuperViz Demo3. SuperViz Pricing (scroll down)
If you are a Matterport Service Provider, this is a "must watch" WGAN-TV show (above) to help you:1. Increase revenue from existing clients2. Get new clients verticals you are already shooting3. Get new clients in verticals that you are NOT yet shooting4. Differentiate your Matterport Service Provider business5. Earn recurring revenueVisit www.SuperViz.com to get a 14-day free trial and/or sign-up for a 1:1 conversation with SuperViz

Thursday Jun 23, 2022

Today's WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm ET Thursday, 23 June 2022) is for Matterport Service Providers that shoot either:1. New Multi-Family Communities of homes and apartments2. commercial office space: particularly MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) spaces for Facility ManagersYou will find out how to:1. Get more scanning business from existing clients2. Offer Add On services3. Get more new clientsThanks for watching!
Discussion Topics1. One App = Complete Property Management--IoT and smart device control--Complete asset management--Maintenance schedule notifications2. Reasonable Cost-- Free light version-- Full license (starting at $10 USD per month)3. Integrations-- KNX-- Samsung SmartThings-- FIBARO4. Matterport 3D Digital Twin Used as the “All Data” Container-- Online 3D model visualization becomes the information container for all data related to any physical space-- IoT Devices Control===> Many vendors synchronized in one place===> Intuitive and user-friendly 3D interface===> Secure and easy access to device data===> Customization of displayed information===> Visual presentation of device activity and settings-- Asset Management (All Data in One Place)===> Real mapping of devices in space===> Collect all data about devices, equipment, finishing material, gadgets in one place===> Add photos, video and documents for any asset===> Select category filters for ease of use-- Why SIM-ON by SIMLAB is so SPECIAL?===> No tools needed===> Best interface===> Integrations===> Low costPlus, you can take SIMLAB SIM-ON for a free spin, if you already have a Matterport digital twin.

Thursday Jun 23, 2022

Engrain and LCP Media Announce Map Integrations to Visually Manage Virtual Tours in TourBuilderSightMap, TourBuilder integration creates efficiencies for onsite teams, improves virtual touring experience for customersDENVER -- Thursday, June 23, 2022 -- PRNewswire -- Engrain, the market leader in interactive mapping and data visualization software for the built environment, today announced that LCP Media, a national visual media technology company, has integrated with SightMap to give property leasing teams a simple and automated way to create, manage and promote unit-level virtual tours within the TourBuilder platform.Now, shooting onsite tours and adding new digital content to SightMap and TourBuilder is easier than ever. With the TourBuilder Go mobile app and the included 360 Ricoh camera from LCP Media, onsite teams can shoot a virtual tour of any unit and automatically add the tour to their interactive SightMap.Engrain and LCP Media are advancing their open technology strategy and leveraging APIs to create a seamless process for customers. Users simply select the unit from a map in TourBuilder to add and update virtual tours. TourBuilder tours will be automatically added to the property SightMap and available for use in APIs, drastically decreasing the administrative burden for marketing teams.SightMap, the industry's leading interactive property map available on more than 200 website providers, is also featured within the TourBuilder virtual tour platform to visually showcase the new unit-level tours. TourBuilder is the rental industry's new, agile hub for creation, organization, storage, management and performance-tracking of digital and visual marketing assets - from one unit to an entire community.
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Wednesday Jun 22, 2022

Global Fashion Retailer GUESS Uses Matterport Digital Twins to Reimagine its Retail ExperienceCompany sees 200 percent increase in productivity and 30 percent decrease in travel costs employing Matterport on iPad devices with Bigtincan sales enablementSUNNYVALE, California, Wednesday, June 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Matterport, Inc. (Nasdaq: MTTR), the leading spatial data company driving the digital transformation of the built world, announced that GUESS?, Inc. (NYSE: GES) (“GUESS”), the global fashion brand and retailer, has adopted Matterport digital twins to ensure brand consistency across its stores and create immersive, virtual experiences for its employees, external buyers and wholesale partners. Since 2017, GUESS has used Matterport digital twins, or photorealistic digital replicas of stores, to realize a 200 percent increase in productivity, a 30 percent decrease in travel costs, and a 95 percent reduction in departmental paper and printer ink costs. Additionally, by equipping employees with iPad® and the Bigtincan sales enablement solution, GUESS trained and collaborated remotely with staff, engaged partners and wholesale customers, replacing in person store and showroom visits with virtual experiences.“Brick-and-mortar retailers still face a lot of uncertainty, but digital twins have enabled us to streamline our operations worldwide and build exciting, virtual experiences that set us up for long-term success,” said Jacklyn De Antunano, Project Manager, Training and Development, at GUESS. “Whether we are onboarding new employees or making updates to our store displays, brand consistency is crucial. With Matterport digital twins, merchandising teams at our Los Angeles headquarters can set clear directives for our stores worldwide, while new hires can more easily familiarize themselves with our brand. In addition, creating digital twins of our showrooms help us provide a seamless, virtual experience for buyers.”At GUESS, visual merchandising teams frequently reimagine its brick-and-mortar experience. To ensure global brand consistency across stores, GUESS configures new layouts and displays in a mock store at its corporate headquarters (HQ). GUESS captures a digital twin of its sample space with a Matterport camera and then shares it with store managers globally to replicate in-person. To provide detailed instructions for store teams, each digital twin contains Mattertags – color-coded, visual tags anchored to a specific product and embedded with audio, video, or detailed notes from GUESS HQ. Equipped with iPad, GUESS’ store teams can view their Matterport digital twins directly through Bigtincan, the company’s sales enablement platform and central hub for proprietary content and knowledge.
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Wednesday Jun 15, 2022

Visual Media Technology Company LCP Media Unveils Rebrand and New Product LaunchNew Brand Reflects Company’s Expanded Visual Media Product Offerings, Positioning as a Technology Company, and Launch of Groundbreaking New ProductLCP Media, formerly known as LCP360, announced today a corporate rebrand to reflect the transformation to a technology-based visual media company with an expanded array of innovative product offerings combined with top-notch customer service.The new brand extends to the renaming and repositioning of the Panoskin platform to TourBuilder by LCP Media, the real estate industry's agile hub for creation, organization, storage, management, and performance-tracking of digital and visual marketing assets - from one unit to an entire community.TourBuilder by LCP Media includes the following:1. TourBuilder Go: NEW! the multifamily industry’s first unit-level, self-shot walkthrough virtual tour solution2. TourBuilder Pro: professional virtual tour product formerly known as Panoskin3. TourBuilder Insights: comprehensive analytics and reporting dashboard4. LCP Connect: real-time meeting tool with video and audio capabilities“As we enter our second decade of business, this new brand represents our creative spirit and forward-thinking. We strive to create unreal experiences for our customers. We innovate for our clients so they can captivate theirs,” said Wojciech Kalembasa, LCP Media’s Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer.
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Wednesday Jun 15, 2022

Zillow expands and improves AI-powered interactive tours, helping home shoppers move with speed and confidenceThe next generation of Zillow surfing uses an AI-generated floor plan to bring together listing photos and 3D tours for a more authentic and seamless virtual home-shopping experienceSEATTLE, Wednesday, June 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Zillow surfing 2.0 is here. At a time when so many people are rethinking where and how they want to live, home shoppers in major markets across the country can get a deeper sense of a home than ever before without stepping foot inside.Zillow's AI-generated floor plan — powered by Zillow tech but available to use for free on listings anywhere — serves as a dynamic guide to give shoppers digital insight and detail so they can more quickly and easily narrow their search to only the homes they love and want to see in person. Now, Zillow uses machine learning to not only generate floor plans, but also imports each listing photo and places it on the floor plan, giving shoppers an in-person perspective of a home's shape and flow that simply scrolling through can never do."Zillow surfing has always been about imagining all the possibilities a move could bring, and Zillow surfing 2.0 is bringing those possibilities to life in a much more interactive, realistic way," said Josh Weisberg, vice president of Zillow's Rich Media Experience team. "Now shoppers can act more quickly and confidently, whether they're searching in their own neighborhood or hundreds or thousands of miles away. We're pushing the boundaries of what home buyers and renters can expect when shopping for a home online."For buyers and renters, Zillow's AI-generated floor plan means navigating more seamlessly and naturally through photos, a 3D Home tour and other listing information, getting a remarkably accurate sense of a home's flow and space. An hour of teleporting through interactive floor plans on Zillow can replace an afternoon, or longer, of scheduling tours and driving around town to see homes in person.
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Tuesday Jun 14, 2022

Matterport and CGS Partner to Deliver Virtual Training Solutions for Front-line Workers Across the Fortune 500The companies will combine the CGS TeamworkAR™ platform with Matterport’s industry leading digital twins to help customers train workers faster, increase productivity, and reduce costsSUNNYVALE, California, Tuesday, June 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Matterport, Inc. (Nasdaq: MTTR), the leading spatial data company driving the digital transformation of the built world, today announced a technology partnership with CGS, a global provider of applications, enterprise learning, and outsourcing services, to integrate Matterport digital twins in mixed reality environments to deliver augmented and virtual reality training and support solutions for front-line workers. The companies will collaborate to deliver breakthrough corporate training solutions using a completely digital approach powered by CGS’s TeamworkAR training solution and Matterport digital twins. The combined offering will enable large enterprises to train workforces remotely using an exact digital replica of the work environment in immersive 3D. The precision of the virtual experience allows companies to accelerate training procedures, improve the quality of training, while reducing travel and on-premise training costs.CGS is an award-winning provider of custom learning and development solutions for dozens of Fortune 500 companies, including McDonald’s, Microsoft, Comcast, Toshiba, Medtronic and Maersk, and is also part of Meta’s exclusive Quest for Business (ISV) Program. The CGS TeamworkAR platform brings real-time digital transformation to onboarding, on-the-job training, learning and support for any company, anywhere. TeamworkAR uses Matterport and its SDKs and API to integrate and create custom content for its customers through AR and enables remote collaboration and virtual assistance for workers across skill levels. The solution helps move a workforce from a virtual training environment to a physical workplace in days rather than weeks or months, increasing productivity and allows their customers to reduce the costs of training-related travel.“Matterport is the gold standard for digitizing buildings and facilities in the physical world, and today our customers are experiencing the value of their digital twins to train workers and support customers remotely,” said Doug Stephen, President, Enterprise Learning at CGS. “TeamworkAR together with Matterport digital twins enable customers to create more effective and efficient training that minimizes frontline worker downtime and increases capacity. This solution supports our customers in their digital transformation journey, which is now more critical than ever during a global workforce shortage.”
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Thursday Jun 09, 2022

1. Do you want to simplify your real estate photography workflow?2. Do you want to eliminate subscriptions in favor of pay as you go (or free)?3. Do you want all your back-end real estate photography services handled by one company?My guest on WGAN-TV Live at 5 on Thursday, 9 June 2022 is:✓ Urbanimmersive VP, Business Development Partnerships François-Hugues LibergeFrançois will demo and discuss:✓ WGAN-TV | Intro to Urbanimmersive Real Estate Photography ServicesTopics Include1. 3D Tours2. Interactive Floor Plans within 3D Tour (Hotspot Editor)3. Floor Plans created from 3D Tours4. UiMeet3D with live guided video chat5. Single Property Website (Many Styles; branded and Unbranded)6. Flyers (auto-generated) (free)7. Media Delivery8. Photo EditingWhat questions should I ask François-Hugues Liberge on WGAN-TV Live at 5?Best,DanUrbanimmersive Links1. Urbanimmersive Website2. Urbanimmersive Facebook Page3. Urbanimmersive YouTube Channel4. Urbanimmersive LinkedIn Page5. Urbanimmersive on Twitter6. Urbanimmersive VP, Business Development and Partnerships François-Hugues Liberge

Tuesday Jun 07, 2022

Matterport Donates Digital Twin Technology to SBP to Help Disaster-Affected Communities Accelerate FEMA Appeals Process
Matterport’s donation will provide direct support to marginalized homeowners to help them secure faster, more comprehensive FEMA assistance through the recovery process
SUNNYVALE, California, Tuesday, June 7, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Matterport, Inc. (Nasdaq: MTTR), the leading spatial data company driving the digital transformation of the built world, today announced that SBP, a U-S-based non-profit organization focused on disaster resilience and recovery, has been selected as a partner organization for Matterport’s Exploration to Equity social impact program. SBP, formerly known as the St Bernard Project, received a donation of Matterport products and services to create digital twins that will be used in its FEMA Appeals program to assist communities and help reduce the time between disaster and recovery for people that have been impacted by the devastating tornadoes that struck the Midwest in December 2021.
As a non-profit disaster relief organization, SBP has rebuilt homes for more than 3,200 families with the help of 140,000 volunteers in 14 communities across the U-S  and in the Bahamas. Matterport’s donation of products and services will provide direct support to SBP’s FEMA Appeals program, which focuses on supporting marginalized homeowners who have been denied FEMA assistance or received sub-standard awards. The technology is being fielded immediately by SBP in Kentucky in communities that were damaged by the tornadoes in December 2021. SBP teams will use Matterport cameras to capture digital twins of damaged properties. The digital twin will then be shared as part of the FEMA Appeals program submission to help impacted families.
“We are grateful for Matterport's support to help us scale our FEMA appeals program and to support our mission of reducing time between disaster and recovery,” said Liz McCartney, Chief Operating Officer at SBP. “At SBP, we provide under-resourced communities with the support they need to ensure an equitable recovery for all. By creating Matterport digital twins, we can move more quickly to assist vulnerable disaster survivors and help more families maximize their FEMA awards. We fully support Matterport's efforts to help increase community inclusion and provide equitable access and we are excited to be one of the first organizations to take advantage of their Exploration to Equity program."
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Friday Jun 03, 2022

How can commercial real estate Facility Managers, Engineers and General Contractors enhance Matterport digital twins for:1. Remote Facilities Management?2. Remote Collaboration?3. Remote Training?4. MEP documentation: including dynamic data via API integrations such as temperate and pressure?On Thursday, 2 June 2022, my guest on WGAN-TV Live at 5 will be Aetos Imaging Co-Founder and President Connor Offutt:✓ WGAN-TV | Intro to Aetos Imaging for Remote Commercial Property Facilities Management, Collaboration and Training using MatterportConnor will demo and discuss Aetos Imaging's Aetos Operate platform to leverages Matterport digital twins to give property management a virtual twin of their real-world asset and give staff remote operations tools:1. VISUAL EQUIPMENT DATABASE – By tagging all of the equipment, components and the systems they belong to, your building can create a visual equipment database for management teams. Aetos Operate Integrates with Facilities Management platforms such as Angus Anywhere, Building Engines, FM 3602. BETTER TRAINING – Our platform allows your building to offer custom training simulations that are tailored to your operations, not just an industry boilerplate. Staff can easily find and identify equipment, react to critical emergencies or even go through specific equipment maintenance procedures.3. BETTER ONBOARDING – Imagine if every new hire learned directly from your best trainers and your most seasoned experts. We make it easier than ever to keep your entire facilities workforce up-to-date on the most critical training procedures.4. COLLABORATION IN 3D – Aetos integrates native video conferencing technology that allows users to directly engage with your building's Matterport digital twins online. No lag and no clunky controls, just a remote twin of your real-world asset in which to walk, talk and solve problems together.

Thursday May 26, 2022

Urbanimmersive Announces Its 2022 Second Quarter Financial ResultsSAINT-HUBERT, Quebec, Thursday May 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Urbanimmersive Inc. (“Urbanimmersive,” the “Company” or “UI”) (TSV-V UI) (OTCQB: UBMRF) today announced select financial results and presents business highlights for its second quarter ended March 31, 2022. The financial statements and related management’s discussion and analysis (“MD&A”) can be viewed on SEDAR.HIGHLIGHTS1. For its second quarter of 2022 (Q2-22), the Company generated total revenues of $2,182k compared to $982k for Q2-21, an increase of $1,200k or 122%;2. For Q2-22, the Company sold 3,806 immersive 3D tours compared to 1,122 tours in Q2-21, an increase of 2,684 tours or 239%;3. In an unfavorable real estate market, in particular with historical-low inventories and number of transactions down 20% over last year combined with high sales turnover, the Company managed to maintain its transactional photography service revenues at last year's level while continuing to migrate its customers to a monthly subscription model;4. Following the end of the low season as of March 31, 2022, the Company had liquidities totaling $1.2m, a similar level to December 31, 2021 ($1.3m);5. During Q2-22, the Company has integrated the newly acquired real estate photography agencies into its business solution platform for photographers while developing and launching an innovative online ordering system along with a route optimization tool, an in-house photo editing service based in France and a centralized and automated payroll system for all its pay-per-job employees/freelancers.
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Thursday May 19, 2022

1. Do you use Matterport from the architectural design through construction phases of buildings?2. Do you want to save money and time while improving team communication at all stages of design/build?3. Would your AEC team benefit from comparing BIM to Matterport at various stages of construction?On WGAN-TV Live at 5 on Thursday, 19 May 2022, my guest will be SIMLAB Founder and CEO Marek Koźlak, PhD Eng. (@SIMLAB) whom will provide:✓ Introduction to SIMLAB STAGES + Matterport for AEC Design/Build CommunicationMarek will demo and discuss:1. SIMLAB STAGES enables easy Matterport digital twin annotation with:1A. text1B. audio (including recording audio)1C. video1D. photos2E. Documents2F. Draw (such as circle an item to call attention to it)... through the architectural design stage and construction phases of buildings.2. AEC teams communicate efficiently and effectively at every project stage, resulting in saving of money and time. Inspect construction sites overtime with less travel and fewer construction errors.2A. Categories include: Info, pending, resolved, unresolved and in-progress2B. How to assign stakeholders, how to add STAGES and how to align and sync Matterport digital twins to create a timeline3. SIMLAB STAGES IoT integration of Matterport spaces enables real-time daily updates from the project site into Matterport digital twins allowing stakeholders to view and collaborate on a project at different points in time; leveraging the SIMLAB STAGES compare BIM to Matterport digital twins timeline feature.4. Supported formats include: Matterport, BIM, IFC, FBX5. Standalone App for Windows and macOSIn the mean time, see the SIMLAB training videos above.What questions should I ask Marek on WGAN-TV Live at 5?Best,DanSIMLAB Links✓ SIMLAB website✓ SIMLAB STAGES micro-site✓ SIMLAB YouTube Channel✓ SIMLAB Founder and CEO Marek Kozlak

Wednesday May 18, 2022

SUNNYVALE, California, Wednesday, May 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today is International Museum Day, an annual day sponsored by the International Council of Museums, which this year is exploring the potential of museums to bring about positive change. Matterport, Inc.’s (Nasdaq: MTTR) digital twin platform today is enabling museums to digitally transform their spaces, helping them increase access to the world of art, culture, and history. With a digital twin, museum operators can create powerful virtual learning experiences that increase access to those who cannot spend the time or money to travel, and in some cases introduce new revenue opportunities. Since March 2020, almost 7.3 million people have visited museums virtually using Matterport.In honor of International Museum Day, here are three iconic museums using Matterport to create virtual experiences to engage with and educate more people around the world.George Eastman MuseumFounded in 1947, the George Eastman Museum located in Rochester, New York is the world’s oldest photography museum and one of the largest film archives in the United States. The museum is located on the National Historic Landmark estate of George Eastman, the founder of Kodak and pioneer of popular photography, and holds unparalleled collections—encompassing several million objects—in the fields of photography, cinema, and photographic and cinematographic technology, and photographically illustrated books. The museum is now accessible through its Matterport digital twin. Virtual visitors can explore current and past photography exhibitions enriched by detailed spatial tags and integrated audio, or explore Eastman’s historic mansion and the newly renovated visitor center."The George Eastman Museum began experimenting with new forms of digital outreach and engagement in 2020, including creating virtual experiences using Matterport,” said Elizabeth Chiang, Staff Photographer at the George Eastman Museum. “The response was phenomenal; we saw a 48 percent increase in video views, over 10,000 visitors, and 88 percent satisfaction in virtual programming through these efforts. As a film and photography museum, image quality was an important factor in our decision to choose Matterport. The images Matterport provides are gorgeous and the resulting digital twin of the Museum is something artists and visitors can fully immerse themselves into.”
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Thursday May 12, 2022

What if you have been asked to do a Matterport scan of a:1. construction site that has no lights and no power?2. large space and your iPad will not last for a full charge?3. warehouse and you want to speed up the shoot and reduce hand fatigue from holding an iPad?Watch WGAN-TV Live at 5 on Thursday, 12 May 2022:✓ MSP Home3D.us | Top 10 Gear Accessories for Matterport ProsMy guests are long-time Matterport Pros:1. Home3D.us Virtual Services Consultant and Creator Kevin Dole (@Home3D)2. Home3D.us Photographer Eric DoleKevin and Eric will share their: Top 10 Gear Accessories for Matterport ProsThis WGAN-TV Live at 5 show was inspired by two of Kevin's recent WGAN Forum posts:1. Great Rechargeable 360° light for Matterport Pro2 or Theta Z/X scanning2. Best iPad Pro battery I've found (for Large Matterport Pro2 Scans)Plus, Kevin and Eric have each previously been my guest on WGAN-TV Live at 5 (and shared gear/accessories during those shows), so, we thought it was time to do a WGAN-TV show solely about: Top 10 Gear Accessories for Matterport Pros. Here are the two shows:1. Eric Dole: Transcript: WGAN-TV 25+ Tips for Scanning Large Spaces with Matterport Pro22. Kevin Dole: Transcript: WGAN-TV - Advanced Outdoor Matterport Scanning TechniquesGot favorite gear/accessories for Matterport Pros? Feel free to either share here or start a new WGAN Forum discussion.Or, if you have a gear/accessory related question that you would like discussion on this WGAN-TV Live at 5 show, feel free to post to this WGAN Forum discussion.Best,Dan

Wednesday May 11, 2022

RJ Pittman Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Matterport, Inc. Thanks, Soohwan. Good afternoon, everyone, and thank you for joining us today. I'm excited to share our first quarter financial results with you. We had another strong quarter delivering on our product strategy, market expansion and key results. Total revenue for the quarter was $28.5 million, $1 million above the top end of guidance. And we delivered over $17 million in subscription revenue, up 24% from a year ago. We reported strong operating metrics with our subscriber base growing 70% to over 562,000 subscribers with Spaces Under Management increasing 49% to 7.3 million spaces. We believe we are still in the early stages of capturing this expansive market opportunity. And our diverse enterprise end markets continue to thrive amidst the challenges of today's macro environment. The number of industry leading companies that are embedding Matterport into their daily workflows to manage their real estate assets online is bigger than ever and expanding internationally. In fact, 22% of the Fortune 1000 uses Matterport today. These businesses are discovering that Matterport reduces operating expenses with every digital twin, critical to companies everywhere and especially so in a constrained global economy. With each quarter, our total addressable market continues to grow. Real estate is the largest asset class in the world now valued at an estimated $327 trillion, up from $230 trillion in recent years, driven by rising property values and more than 15,000 new buildings completed every day. The built world is a growing market ready for digitization. Matterport is the clear market leader with over 7 million digital twins for buildings in 177 countries comprising more than 22 billion square feet of digitized space. In Cortex, our AI software engine automatically generates thousands more digital twins every day. This software breakthrough enabled Matterport to create a new level of precision and fidelity for digital twins that even the most demanding enterprises and building operators can trust.
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Tuesday May 10, 2022

Matterport Announces First Quarter 2022 Financial Results with Stronger-than-Expected Revenue1. Total subscribers increased 70% to 562,000 from year-ago period2. Subscription revenue rose 24% year-over-year3. Q1 GAAP diluted earnings per share of $0.23, Non-GAAP loss per share of $0.104. Company reaffirms prior guidance for the full year5. Balance sheet remains strong with $600 million cash and investments and no debtSUNNYVALE, California, Tuesday, May 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Matterport, Inc. (Nasdaq: MTTR) (“Matterport” or the “Company”), the leading spatial data company driving the digital transformation of the built world, today announced financial results for the quarter ended March 31, 2022.“We are pleased to report another strong quarter, increasing our subscriber count by 70% to 562,000 subscribers for the period. We expanded Spaces Under Management by 49% to 7.3 million spaces — that’s 7.3 million Matterport digital twins of homes, offices, factories, hotels, and so much more,” said RJ Pittman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Matterport. “Real property is the largest asset class in the world, now valued at an estimated $327 trillion, reflecting a $100 trillion increase in value in recent years as more than 15,000 new buildings are completed every day. Matterport is leading the industry with over 7 million digital twins, and we’re creating thousands more each day, while 99% of the world's buildings have yet to be digitized. This enormous market opportunity is expanding, and we remain focused on efficiently scaling Matterport’s business to meet the rising global demand for software-driven property management.”“In addition to strong adoption, we are excited to report our total revenue for the first quarter of 2022 was $28.5 million, $1 million above the high end of our guidance range. In addition, Non-GAAP loss per share of 10 cents for the quarter was three cents better than the top end of our guidance range,” said JD Fay, Chief Financial Officer of Matterport. “One of our key strategic levers is subscription revenue, which increased by 24% year-over-year, comprising over 60% of total revenue for the quarter, and which continues to provide high and stable gross margins. Today, we are re-affirming our prior 2022 revenue and EPS guidance. With $600 million of cash on our balance sheet, we have the financial strength to navigate the macro environment and comfortably achieve our long term business plan,” he added.First Quarter 2022 Financial Highlights1. Total revenue was $28.5 million, up 6% compared to first quarter of 20212. Subscription revenue was $17.1 million, up 24% compared to first quarter of 20213. Annualized Recurring Revenue (ARR) of $68.6 million4. Total subscribers increased to 562,000, up 70% compared to first quarter of 20215. Spaces Under Management (SUM) grew to 7.3 million, up 49% compared to first quarter of 2021
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Wednesday May 04, 2022

“HomeJab Curve” shows real estate remains seasonal,despite tight inventory and the impact of COVID-19Cherry Hill, NJ – Wednesday, May 4, 2022 – A new study of data from the last four years by HomeJab (www.HomeJab.com) debunks reports that tight inventory and COVID-19 have changed real estate seasonality.HomeJab, which provides real estate agents on-demand professional real estate photography, 3D virtual tours, aerial, and other visual production services in every major US market and all 50 states, studied more than 63,000 real estate photography assignments from 2018 to 2021 nationwide.The new HomeJab research tracked the real estate photography listing assignments by month to determine patterns.A “HomeJab Curve" emerged, showing the remarkable consistency of real estate listing activity over the last four years, despite both record low inventory and the pandemic.Charting the data reveals that while activity during the pandemic diverged from the standard curve of real estate listing from March 2020 to May 2020, it corrected itself in June and then closely tracked past listing trends.“Despite what the headlines may say, real estate is still seasonal,” said Joe Jesuele, founder and CEO of HomeJab.“Our research shows that real estate listings still peak in the spring and summer, begin to trail off in the fall, and decline significantly in the winter. And on a chart, when you plot the last four years, every year follows that curve – except for a short pause caused by the outbreak of COVID-19,” he explained.Jesuele notes that the impact of COVID on the seasonality of real estate was short-lived.“There’s also this idea that low inventory also is changing the seasonality of real estate,” he added, “but the data we have does not support that theory.”A free copy of the detailed data from the HomeJab study is available at: www.HomeJab.com
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Thursday Apr 28, 2022

1. Wondering if there is a better way to make money from your real estate images (other than stock photography)?2. Wondering how to turn your real estate photography images into NFTs?3. Wondering how to shoot real estate photography of communities and have clients find your image library?Watch WGAN-TV Live at 5 on Thursday, April 28, 2022:==>How Real Estate Photographers Make Money with NFTs powered by HomeJabMy guest will be HomeJab Founder and Owner Joe Jesuele.I will ask Joe to show and tell us about real: the recently launched (see below) first NFT platform for real estate images created by HomeJab.Demos will include:1. How to buy an image, video (ground, aerial) or 3D Virtual Tour (and which 3D/360 virtual tours)2. How to add an image, video or 3D Virtual Tour3. (What is) and how to add a cypto wallet (such as MetaMask)Additionally, I will ask Joe about:1. What problem the HomeJab NFT Platform for real estate images solves2. Why there is an opportunity for real estate photographers to make much more than stock photography rates for images3. Why the HomeJab NFT Platform will disrupt the $4 billion stock photo industry4. The value proposition to Real Estate Photographers5. The value proposition to Real Estate Agents6. The value proposition to Businesses7. The value proposition to Journalists and Bloggers8. The value proposition to Digital Art Collectors9. Why use an NFT platform for the real marketplace?10. If there are "chicken/egg" challenges to creating the real marketplace?11. what kind of real estate images are best for the real marketplace?12. What's a crypto wallet and how to connect it to real marketplace?Got questions that I should ask Joe during the show?Find out more here: HomeJab real MarketPlace

Thursday Apr 28, 2022

Matterport Expands Presence in Japan to Support Growing Demand for Digital Twin PlatformCompany continues investing in Asia-Pacific region to capture the Japanese property market of more than 324M spacesSUNNYVALE, California, Thursday, April 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Matterport, Inc. (Nasdaq: MTTR), the leading spatial data company driving the digital transformation of the built world, today announced it is expanding its presence in Japan. Japan represents one of the largest property markets in the world with more than 324 million physical spaces ready to be digitized. As part of the expansion, Matterport will increase investments to open new sales channels and broaden its customer service operations to support the growing adoption of the Matterport digital twin platform within the country.Numerous customers in Japan use the Matterport Digital Twin Platform today, including real estate development company Mitsubishi Estate Residence Co., Ltd, and Takenaka Corporation, a major Japanese architectural engineering and construction company. Mitsubishi Estate Residence leverages Matterport to create virtual experiences in support of residential real estate transactions while Takenaka Corporation uses digital twins to streamline facility management and remote building site inspections."Use of Matterport first spread by word-of-mouth, and before we knew it, a community of users had formed naturally within the company,” said Yasutomo Matsuoka, Chief Researcher, Advanced Mathematical Sciences & Informatics Group, Future & Advanced Technology Research Department, Research & Development Institute at Takenaka Corporation. “I think it’s simple—good things become popular. Matterport’s digital twin technology not only provides the high-quality, precise data required to meet the needs of those working in the field, but also enables remote checking by personnel located overseas, leading to significant reductions in travel and labor costs.”Today, the Matterport digital twin platform helps customers in Japan transform how they interact with and manage their spaces through a digitally accurate and immersive experience. Digital twins help people in a range of business roles improve operational efficiency by reducing travel or enabling them to collaborate from anywhere. Additionally, marketers can use digital twins to create beautiful and engaging customer experiences that drive booking and sales.
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Tuesday Apr 26, 2022

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Adopts Matterport Digital Twins to Transform Ground Operations and Engage PassengersWorld’s longest running airline uses library of Matterport digital twins to improve operating efficiencies
SUNNYVALE, California, Tuesday, April 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Matterport, Inc. (Nasdaq: MTTR), the leading spatial data company driving the digital transformation of the built world, today announced that KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (“KLM”), part of the Air France-KLM Group and a member of the SkyTeam airline alliance with services across 90 European cities and 70 intercontinental destinations, has adopted Matterport to create a digital twin of each type of aircraft in the fleet. KLM is using Matterport to train ground crews and to provide an immersive virtual experience for customers. The global air carrier has received nearly 1 million views of its digital twins from ground crews, flight attendants, pilots, and travelers.“Matterport digital twins have permanently changed the way we train our employees and we have expanded our use of them over time for customer engagement,” said Chris Koomen, Virtual Reality Specialist at KLM. “Digital twins are now integral to our business. We regularly use them for training across our global operations. Cleaning crews work more efficiently, flight attendants learn the layout of an aircraft ahead of time, and pilots reference digital twins during safety checks. With remote access to digital twins, trainees avoid disrupting the maintenance work of an aircraft, enabling our fleet to return to service faster. All of this adds up to performance efficiency.”KLM began using Matterport in 2017, capturing the first digital twin of a Boeing 787 Dreamliner to train ground crews on cleaning the aircraft. When crews reduced cleaning time by 30 percent, KLM recognized the potential of Matterport digital twins to streamline training for other departments and utilized Matterport to further capture digital twins of its entire fleet. Today, KLM manages a library of 104 digital twins that have been viewed nearly 1 million times, including multiple versions for each of the 14 types of Boeing, Airbus, and Embraer aircrafts that make up its fleet. Flight attendants utilized Matterport’s digital twins to learn where important safety and hospitality items are located such as beverage carts, while an annotated digital twin for ground crews illustrates where service trolleys are stowed. Meanwhile, pilots easily refer to an aircraft’s digital twin during a pre-flight safety check if an issue is detected.Equipped with Matterport digital twins, KLM employees do not need to travel to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol for training and instead use immersive digital twins. Since virtual trainees no longer interrupt the maintenance work of an aircraft with in-person visits, it helps to get the aircraft to return to service faster and with less downtime. In addition, KLM’s digital twins have helped streamline its fleet management. For example, when upgrading the Wi-Fi routers used on a specific aircraft, KLM used the highly accurate data within a digital twin to confirm measurements and optimize the placement of new routers.---Matterport media release continues in the We Get Around Network Forum (www.WGANForum.com).---Source: Matterport via Globe Newswire

Thursday Apr 21, 2022

1. How do you (easily) change prices on merchandise within a Matterport tour?2. How do you (easily) integrate a retail store shopping cart within a Matterport tour?3. How do you (easily) add livestreaming shopping events within a Matterport tour?Watch a deep-dive demo on Thursday, April 21, 2022 on:✓ WGAN-TV Live at 5: How to Add a Shopping Cart - and Live Shopping Events - to Matterport Tours powered by OpenhausMy guests will be:✓ Openhaus Co-Founder Carson Clement (@openhaus_carson)✓ Openhaus Co-Founder Tosch Trumen (@tosch)Openhaus demo will include:1. Front-end shopping experience within a Matterport tour | Openhaus Tour Example2. Back-end content management system3. Augmented Reality (AR) integration for how products will look in your home4. Openhaus iOS AppTopics for discussion include:1. How to (easily) keep product pricing synced with Shopify (and other eCommerce platforms)2. How to integrate a shopping cart within a Matterport tour3. Metrics available (and how to access)4. Sharing features (including: QR Code; embedding; links; social sharing)Use Cases for Discussion:1. Retail and Showrooms2. Tradeshows3. eCommerce4. Media5. Entertainment6. Interior Design | Design Loves Detail Example7. Real Estate | The Old House on Main Example8. Matterport ProsSpecial Offer for WGAN Standard and Premium Members✓ Receive the free use of Openhaus | Complete this WGAN Form for Openhaus (Need Password? Private Message @DanSmigrod)Openhaus Offer for All✓ Start Openhaus 30-day Free Trial (no credit card required)Best,DanOpenhaus Links1. Openhaus website2. Openhaus for Matterport Pros website3. Start Openhaus 30-day Free Trial (no credit card required)4. Talk to Openhaus Sales website5. Openhaus Vimeo Channel (Carson)6. Openhaus on LinkedIn7. Openhaus Co-Founder Carson Clement8. Openhaus Co-Founder Tosch Trumen9. Openhaus Tour Example10. Openhaus iOS App11. Openhaus on Twitter12. Openhaus YouTube Channel13. Openhaus on Facebook14. Openhaus on Pinterest

Thursday Apr 21, 2022

Real Estate Firm Atkinson McLeod Uses Smartphone Capture and Matterport Axis to Accelerate Sales Process and Improve Agent ProductivityFirm sees 50 percent reduction in physical property visits using Matterport, supporting faster contract signing times; increases website traffic 2x when including digital twins in email marketingSUNNYVALE, California, Thursday, April 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Matterport, Inc. (“Matterport”) (Nasdaq: MTTR), the leading spatial data company driving the digital transformation of the built world, is being used by Atkinson McLeod, an independent London real estate group specializing in sales, rentals, and property management, to develop digital twins to provide virtual experiences for 95 percent of its properties. The real estate group is also using both Matterport’s Capture smartphone app and the recently released Matterport Axis motorized mount to create digital twins of its properties. With Matterport, Atkinson McLeod reduces the need for physical property visits, increases the efficiency of property management, and engages with more potential customers to drive property sales.“London real estate is extremely competitive,” said Giles Atkinson, Director of Atkinson McLeod, who credits Matterport with providing his group several competitive advantages well beyond the scope of its original needs. “You need to offer incredibly responsive, personalized client services to stand out. Matterport has created many efficiencies for our agents and our clients love how it improves their home shopping experience. Specifically, when we included a Matterport of a property in our email marketing, our click-through rates doubled.”“With a Matterport digital twin accompanying our property listings, properties are on the market for less time because we can expose the home to more clients, faster,” continued Atkinson. “We’ve reduced in-person visits by 50 percent while improving the quality and productivity of physical showings because clients can confirm in advance if a home is a good fit. As we lease out 1,300 properties annually, the efficiency gains add up fast. Generally speaking, Matterport accelerates our sales process.”In early 2022, Atkinson McLeod was among the first to begin using Matterport Axis, Matterport’s new motorized mount for smartphones that makes it easy and affordable to capture professional-grade scans. With smooth, precise rotation of a mobile phone, Matterport Axis allows users to capture high-quality digital twins using the Matterport Capture app on Android and iOS.“With the Matterport Axis device and their smartphone, our agents work more efficiently, and can now scan, market, and list their properties all from their mobile device with good image quality at a reasonable price,” said Atkinson. “In our business, operational efficiency and speed to market are key. Matterport helps us close the gap on these metrics.”
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Thursday Apr 21, 2022

Asteroom Announces Launch of New Desktop Appraisal Solution for Appraisal Management Companies3D tour technology reveals a new efficient and accurate way to gather data by launching a national network to collect data to complete desktop appraisalsSAN FRANCISCO, Wednesday, April 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Asteroom Inc. today launched its new nationwide desktop appraisal data collection service to fully enable the new property valuation method called desktop appraisal endorsed and approved by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that started on March 19, 2022.The first complete solution to be introduced in support of desktop appraisals, which do not require an appraiser's physical inspection, Asteroom's national desktop appraisal data collection service features the company's proprietary 3D tour and floor plan technology to document interior and exterior visual and dimensional data for residential properties.Appraisal management companies (AMC's) and appraisers can receive ANSI-compliant 2D floor plans with GLA calculations and a complete 3D tour of the interior and exterior, including street view shots, within 24 hours. The unique national desktop appraisal data collection solution mobilizes Asteroom's network of Realtors®, who have real estate knowledge and property access, to collect the data using Asteroom's smartphone-enabled 3D tour kits.Appraisers prefer Asteroom's data because it includes a 3D tour that allows the appraiser to view the property remotely in its entirety for accurate and reliable appraisal results. Appraisal management companies leverage Asteroom's photography technology and in-person coverage to manage the data collection process in just 24 to 48 hours.In an effort to streamline the loan process with reduced appraisal times, the mortgage industry is encouraging desktop appraisals, which are likely to see increased adoption, particularly with validated, accurate values made possible through Asteroom's all-inclusive solution."We are expediting the appraisal process," comments Asteroom CEO Eric Tsai, "with many of our initial desktop assignments being completed in three days start-to-finish. The property can be visited the same day the order is placed so that data is provided to the appraiser the next day. By serving as the "onsite eyes" of the appraiser, we are able to give them confidence in their valuation while also increasing their efficiency and volume by eliminating travel and inspection time."To learn more about Asteroom and its national desktop appraisal data collection service offering, go to: www.Asteroom.com | Menu: Solutions
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Tuesday Apr 19, 2022

Matterport Launches Social Impact Program to Help Nonprofits and Public Education Institutions to Create Equitable Access to 3D spaces
Matterport’s Exploration to Equity social impact program aims to increase community inclusion and resilience
SUNNYVALE, California, Tuesday, April 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Matterport, Inc. (Nasdaq: MTTR), the leading spatial data company driving the digital transformation of the built world, today announced the Exploration to Equity program, a new corporate social impact initiative that supports nonprofit organizations to use the Matterport Digital Twin Platform to increase access for underrepresented groups. As part of the program, Matterport will donate its technology and services to select, qualifying organizations such as its first partner organization, Space Foundation Discovery Museum, allowing them to capture and provide people with access to their Matterport 3D spaces. The program will prioritize projects that support marginalized, disenfranchised, and vulnerable populations and focus on capturing historically and socially significant spaces.
“At Matterport, we are committed to reimagining ways to collaborate, explore, and share spaces,” said Qadira Harris, Senior Director of Global Responsibility at Matterport. “For organizations like nonprofits and schools, we recognize the power technology and data can have to tackle some of society's biggest challenges. By leveraging our people, products, and services, we aim to strengthen and empower communities to become stronger, unified, inclusive, and more resilient.”
Matterport’s mission is to make every building and space more valuable and accessible through the creation of digital twins, or replicas, of those spaces. Among the 4 billion spaces in the world, the Matterport Exploration to Equity program aims to capture some of these spaces for the greater good of society. The Matterport Exploration to Equity program supports creative and innovative organizations that demonstrate equitable solutions to building community resilience through access to spaces. As part of the program, Matterport will evaluate submissions from qualifying US-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations, K through 12 public schools, and public universities to bring historically or socially significant spaces to life through the Matterport Digital Twin Platform, allowing anyone, anywhere to visit.
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Thursday Apr 14, 2022

1. Are you a real estate photographer thinking about buying a Matterport Axis?2. Are you a real estate agent thinking about buying a Matterport Axis?3. Are you a Matterport Pro2 3D Camera user thinking about buying a Matterport Axis?4. Wondering how the Matterport Axis compares to a Matterport Pro2 3D Camera, Ricoh Theta Z1, X and SC2?5. As a Matterport Service Provider, how can you position the Matterport Axis to your clients who ask your advice about the product?Then watch WGAN-TV Live at 5 - 5 pm ET - on Thursday, April 14 2022:✓ Matterport Axis Motorized Mount Smartphone Rotator: 1st ImpressionsMy guests will be two WGAN Forum Members that often post reviews in the WGAN Forum:Jeff Nitschke (@lilnitsch)OwnerCaptureNWNorth Idaho and Eastern Washington Statewww.CAPTUREnw.com[Jeff was previously my guest on WGAN-TV: A MSP Customer Journey: Jeff Nitschke with CaptureNW]and ...Dave Avilla (@Dataventurer)Real Estate Photographer andColdwell Banker Realty AgentGilroy, Californiawww.CBnorCAL.com | CalDRE # 01075392[Dave was previously my guest on WGAN-TV: 31 Statistics to Help Sell Virtual Tours to RE Agents]Dave plans to shoot the same property with the Matterport Axis and Ricoh Theta SC2.Jeff plans to shoot the following home with the Matterport Axis that he previously shot with:1. Matterport Pro2 3D Camera2. Ricoh Theta Z12. Ricoh Theta X3. Ricoh Theta SC2

Thursday Apr 14, 2022

Gilbane Cuts Construction Project Time by 25 Percent with Matterport Digital TwinsLeading global construction firm reduces costs, accelerates ADA improvements with virtual collaborationSUNNYVALE, Calif., April 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Matterport, Inc. (Nasdaq: MTTR), the leading spatial data company driving the digital transformation of the built world, today announced that Gilbane Building Company (“Gilbane”), a global leader in real estate, construction, and facility management services, has realized 25 to 30 percent in cost and time savings by adopting Matterport digital twins to enable remote collaboration during its design, build program delivery. A family-owned organization with 150 years of experience, Gilbane has more than 50 offices in the United States and abroad in Japan, Ireland, and the United Arab Emirates and has standardized the use of Matterport across their U.S. portfolio. The company is currently engaged in an eight-year Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) improvement initiative with a national banking leader and will create Matterport digital twins of 1,100 branch locations.“With all design and construction projects, time is of the essence, and Matterport digital twins have helped our teams collaborate more efficiently and made us indispensable partners to our clients,” said Joel Vande Boom, Director of Strategic Projects, Midwest, at Gilbane. “Using Matterport, we have access to highly accurate visuals and measurements that make virtual decision-making possible. For our customer, we were able to host design meetings and make quick decisions on 21 branch locations during one virtual meeting, drastically cutting in-person visits and saving 168 hours. Ultimately, digital twins help us provide superior service that wins us repeat clientele. We were also able to save more than 1,000 hours of site visits by different parties across 300 sites. This allows us to host remote and collaborative meetings anywhere with a couple clicks. Gilbane’s national multi-site team continues to use this approach and the Matterport toolset to bring indispensable solutions to customers related to capital expense programs and branding initiatives.”As an avid user of Matterport’s spatial data solutions since 2016, Gilbane uses a combination of the Matterport Pro2 3D camera and Matterport Capture app for smartphones to capture its spaces. Capturing spaces with a smartphone gives teams the convenience of using just the device in their pocket whenever a digital twin is needed. Gilbane utilizes digital twins for customers in corporate offices, healthcare, and retail, among others. By providing teams with access to digital twins, Gilbane can remotely conduct a site assessment, extract data, and help estimators better understand a project. As a result, Gilbane eliminates unnecessary site visits, identifies design issues earlier, and reduces field-to-finish time. In addition, Gilbane customers can easily access project information and better understand the conditions of a job site at each stage until completion. Watch this video about Gilbane’s use of Matterport.To further accelerate design and construction projects, Gilbane uses advanced Matterport features to extend the power of the digital twin:
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Wednesday Apr 13, 2022

Cupix Announces Launch of CupixWorks X 3D Digital Twin PlatformAdvanced Capabilities Include Enhanced AI, 360-degree Video SLAM, and ClearVision TechnologySAN JOSE, California--Tuesday, 12 April 2022--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Cupix™ (www.Cupix.com) today announced the release of CupixWorks X three-dimensional digital twin platform empowered with the Gamma Engine, a 3rd generation artificial intelligence (AI) engine providing a 360° video SLAM with ClearVision technology.The Gamma Engine enables everyone in AEC to communicate the situational and visual context of the site with high fidelity among stakeholders and ensures as-built vs. as-design comparisons are significantly more intuitive and insightful. It also provides an unrivaled SLAM performance, including 3D walk-path mapping that is elevation aware and minimizes motion drift. Cupix has made it simple for project owners, general contractors, BIM/VDC engineers, and facility managers to see spatial context remotely from the office accurately."With the launch of CupixWorks X, we see a monumental step in the history of 360° image-based site documentation. CupixWorks X will drive built-world industry adoption of digital twin platform technology and 360° cameras as an everyday device to capture site context in 3D with high fidelity,” said Simon Bae, founder, and CEO.Bae continued, “For decades, I have been democratizing the method for mirroring physical assets into the 3D virtual context and understand the significant challenges that AEC professionals meet every day when documenting and tracking the progress of their job sites. Builders want an exceptional quality of visuals, accurate spatial representation, and easy-to-understand and actionable data analytics. CupixWorks X delivers. Its Gamma Engine makes true-to-life site documentation effortless."
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Tuesday Apr 12, 2022

On WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm ET | GMT -5) on Thursday, 7 April 2022, my guest will be Planitiar (iGUIDE) Marketing Manager Chris White (@Chris_iGUIDE) to show and tell about:✓ WGAN-TV | iGUIDE Refresh: New 3D Tour Display and iGUIDE ANSI Compliant 2D Floor PlansiGUIDE, an industry leader in 3D tours and floor plans, introduces an enhanced interface designed to create a faster, better, and more attractive user experience.The iGUIDE enhanced 3D tour (example above) promises to create a fresh yet familiar way for viewers and virtual visitors to interact with a space."Changes are thoughtfully designed for maximum impact while retaining the functionality current iGUIDE users value," writes Chris.Changes to the iGUIDE Viewer include:1. Streamlined floor plan for better navigation and a more immersive experience2. Grouped toolbox to put commonly used commands together for ease of use3. More refined menu bar with a new background and space for branding and an addressOffering the capability to minimize the menu bar and floorplan, users will enjoy a more immersive virtual environment while retaining robust control of Viewer functions.In addition to showing and telling about the iGUIDE Viewer refresh, Chris will discuss what's new with iGUIDE.

Tuesday Apr 05, 2022

Matterport Axis Now Available for Purchase, Enabling Hands-Free Precision 3D Capture for SmartphonesDesigned for the Matterport Smartphone Capture app, Matterport Axis motorized mount makes digital twin creation easier, faster, and more preciseTop 4 US-based insurance claims adjusting firm, Eberl, improves claims cycle time by 15 percent, grows customer base by 200 percent with Matterport digital twins---1. Matterport Axis via Amazon ($79)2. Matterport Axis + Tripod via Amazon ($89)3. Matterport Axis + Tripod + Starter Pack ($149)
SUNNYVALE, Calif., Tuesday, April 5, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Matterport, Inc. (Nasdaq: MTTR), the leading spatial data company driving the digital transformation of the built world, today announced that Matterport Axis™, a motorized mount for smartphones, is now available for purchase. Matterport Axis, which holds either an iOS or Android device, and can be used with the Matterport Capture app, creates 3D digital twins of any physical space with increased speed, precision, and consistency. This convenient, remote-controlled solution produces reliable results with ease.Starting at $79, Matterport Axis is now available for purchase today through Matterport, Adorama, B&H, and Amazon.“We are excited to introduce Matterport Axis, which when combined with our Capture app, allows anyone to create a 3D digital twin with the phone in their pocket,” said Japjit Tulsi, Chief Technology Officer of Matterport. “Whether it’s creating a digital twin to help sell your home, capturing your work environment to collaborate with team members, or capturing and sharing your business to attract new customers, there are countless uses for people and businesses to use Matterport. Our Capture app along with Matterport Axis now makes that process easier and faster for anyone to digitize their spaces with greater precision.”Businesses embrace smartphone capture with Matterport AxisBusiness customers across a variety of industries use Matterport to virtually promote, operate, document, manage, and measure their properties online. Now, with Matterport Axis, organizations can scale up their efforts to affordably create high-fidelity digital twins at multiple locations simultaneously via employees and their smartphones.Matterport worked with multiple organizations with distributed field personnel to trial Matterport Axis together with the Capture app. One customer, Eberl, a top 4 U.S.-based insurance claims adjusting firm, used Matterport Axis to create digital twins to document insurance claims. By using Matterport Axis with the Capture app and other Matterport solutions, Eberl adjusters reduced their time spent in the field, improving its total claims cycle time by 15 percent, and increased new customer acquisition by 200 percent with the convenience of their smartphone.“Using Matterport, Eberl adjusters can easily access rich, visual data and precise measurements that reduce the need for return trips, reinspection requests, phone calls and follow-up emails,” said Chris Cowan, Vice President, Operational Strategy at Eberl. “Digital twins have helped our adjusters work smarter, and their agility enhances the experience of our clients and subsequent policyholders. When we outline the value of digital twins to new and existing insurance carriers, they are eager to engage and adopt, which has had a tremendous impact on the growth of our business.”
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